Kinni Creek Lodge Beer Batter Pancakes!

Kinni Creek Lodge and Outfitters

545 North Main Street , River Falls, WI 54022 USA


  • Pancake Powder see your box for amount.
  • Replace recipe liquid with Favorite Beer!


  1. Kinni Creek Lodge Beer Batter Pancakes Use your own pancake recipe. Replace liquid portion with an equal portion of beer. To get a variety of flavors, try your favorite micro brews. For a lighter taste, use light beer. To get even more flavor out of the beer, try opening the beer the night before and let it sit on the counter overnight. (Beware of beer trolls that raid your kitchen during the night!) Heat Griddle to 350 degees and pour a small test pancake. When the bubbles appear all over the pancake, flip it over. It should be a nice golden brown color. If not, adjust your griddle heat as each heating element can vary. To decorate, sprinkle powdered sugar over the top of pancake serving plate. Add a handful of berries for a beautiful presentation. You may also sauté apples and bananas with water and brown sugar to be served on the side. Use only Pure Wisconsin Maple Syrup, and Wisconsin Butter! Mmm, delicious!
  2. Serve with browned sausage links.
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Kinni Creek Lodge Beer Batter Pancakes!