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Annville Inn Bed and Breakfast
4515 Hill Church Road
Annville, PA 17003
Telefono: +1--7178671991
Fax: +1--7178671443
Numero verde: +1--8888684515

Rosalie George


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Album foto

Album Foto

In our picture gallery, we always save room for an image of the Inn from the current season.  Winter is our favorite time of the year, it is ANNVILLE INN'S SECRET SEASON.  Come join us for the Secret Season this year. Get out of your daily life and here to the Inn to relax, be inspired, to re-discover, re-connect, get it!Central Foyer with staircase, passageway into the Parlor and through the door beyond that, passageway to the East Foyer and Dining Room.
The ENGLISH MANOR SUITE is indeed a large room...with high ceilings as you can see here.  We are showing a portion of the chandelier, and beneath it to the left is the mirror of the beautiful wood armoire.  Reflecting in the mirror is part of the peninsula fireplace, which provides flame visible on three sides (including from both the bed and Jacuzzi.) This image was made before the wall at the far end became home to a mural (famous among our guests) of a scenic English countryside, by muralist/artist Marcie Otterson.We feature in the ENGLISH MANOR SUITE Jacuzzi's newest true two-person hot tub with a heat enchanger, which keeps your water at your desired temperature--no "cool down" effect.  Note the large plate-glass mirror, the skylight above, and the fireplace to the left.
The ENGLISH MANOR SUITE's center attraction, besides the penunsula fire place, two person Jacuzzi and numerous other special features is this King-size, georgeous Sleigh Bed made of select hard woods, finely crafted to host a very comfortable King's Down mattress--the same one used by the Queen of England!A highlight of the ENGLISH MANOR SUITE is this love seat and English table--a great place to sit back for a nice cup of tea or to curl up with your favorite book!
We like showing off our beautiful private bathrooms!  This one is from the ENGLISH MANOR SUITE, and features a beautiful counter constructed of a former fire place mantel--great idea, Craig!  The standing bowl lavitory is fed by a special faucet, which delivers water down a short trough!  Note the mural, one of two painted in this suite by accomplished artist Marcie Otterson.  Ms. Otterson was in England and brought her ideas to the English Manor suite. Her mural in the main bedroom is the subject of many photographs taken by our guests!  The SECRET ROOM!   Your hideaway!  You access this room down a secret passageway. Nothing spooky at all, just intrigue and fun.  The King-sized bed features a King's Down mattress as do all our rooms...the same mattress that Queen Elizabeth sleeps on.  The theme of this room is Mission, part of the Arts & Crafts Movement famous during the late 1920's to 1940's. The style is known for clean, simple lines and craftsman style workmanship. Everything in this room from the mica lamps and other lilght fixtures to the furnishings (check out the standing mirror and plant stand!) and carpet are from the Mission era.  All the public rooms in the Inn (such as the Dining Room) evoke the Mission era, and Frank Lloyd Wright's styling.
 Part of the fireplace from the SECRET ROOM.  There is a reason for the little squirrel on the hearth--he represents a pesky little creature we had for a number of seasons who was famous for such hijinks as using aerobatics to reach seed in bird feeders.  He also used the peaks and valleys of our long roof line as his highway about the property.In addition to the incredible King-size Mission Style bed in the SECRET ROOM, this--one of our three most popular rooms--features a terrific deck allowing a vista looking east over farm fields to the horizon. If you are an early riser, you want to be out on the deck with your morning coffee or tea watching the sun rise above the barns.  This deck also has a staircase leading down to the Train Garden where Craig has a G-Scale train operating and the Tapestry Garden, a secret, hidden garden with a waterfountain.  This room has numerous secrets, but we won't give them away here, you have to come find them!
Guests always tell us, "This looks like a magazine lay-out for Neiman Marcus, or a scene right out of Santa Fe, New Mexico!  The latter was our goal.  Here you see a true two person Jacuzzi, their latest model, which has a heat exchanger to maintain your desired water temperature the entire time you are in the water!  Opposite it is a Kiva-style fire place, straight out of SantaFe or Taos, complete with niches in its chimney to hold Kachina Dolls.  There are numerous tiles, pots, baskets and other items of Southwestern Art that the room comes with a book Craig put together to explain the symbolism each is intended to convey.  You have to see the bathroom.  Come in person, stay in this great room...stay three nights or more, you will really enjoy it.  This is one of our three most popular rooms.Detail of the Kiva-style fireplace in the GREAT SOUTHWEST ROOM.  See other Great Southwest Room picture captions for more details.
Part of the "blow you away" (as one guest put it) features of the GREAT SOUTHWEST ROOM is numerous pieces of Indian art created by Woody Crumbo, a famous Indian artist from Oklahoma who later re-located to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Craig built the walls in this room himself, after long searches for building materials to create adobe and Southwest plaster as found inside many puebelos.  This view shows a portion of this very special room and the entry to the bathroom, which features a unique sink fashioned to remind one of weathered rock. Our COUNTRY COMFORT with the fireplace and the corner of a beautiful oak dresser showing. The Queen-size bed is known as a "Rolling Pin" bed due to the design of the headboard and footboard!  It features, as do all our rooms, a top of the line King's Down mattress, the same mattress Queen Elizabeth sleeps on!
This room beckoned to us when we were remodeling General Kendall's house to build a B&B.  It had purple carpeting and the dramatic mural you see reflected in the mirror.  Rosalie said, "We have to make this a Mardi-Gras themed room!"  The chalkish white walls were bathed in a lighter shade of purple (than the carpeting) and Rosalie found numerous wrought iron furnishings reminiscent of New Orleans.  The bed is a unique wrought iron sleigh bed.Annville Inn's dining room always draws "Ooh's & Ahhs" every time a newcomer enters it.  True to our dedication to the Mission and Arts & Crafts styles of the late 1920's through '40's, the room is certainly spacious, is all glass on one side (looking into the conservatory) has deep-set windows facing east, and features a large coffee bar along one wall and a floor to ceiling bookcase on the other.
This view shows the glass wall to the north, part of the large fire place, and the beauty of wood, wood, wood everywhere in the Mission Style!  Annville Inn's dining room always draws "Ooh's & Ahhs" every time a newcomer enters it.  True to our dedication to the Mission and Arts & Crafts styles of the late 1920's through '40's, the room is certainly spacious, is all glass on one side (looking into the conservatory) has deep-set windows facing east, and features a large coffee bar along one wall and a floor to ceiling bookcase on the other.In the winter time our Plant Conservatory is a very popular place as guests race to sit in the big rockers around the wood burning fire place, which keeps the plants happy with its warming air currents.  Beyond the chairs is a table many guests love to sit at and assemble jig-saw puzzles. Especially fun on snowy days.  In the summer time, this room is a popular place to sit and read and to enjoy the cool breeze. In the summer, many of our plants are moved outdoors and all the windows, all the way around, are opened with screens passing in the gentle Pennsylvania breeze.
Pastoral scenes abound in Pennsylvania, and our home has the absolute best view in the valley.  The vista is the primary reason we purchased the General's house, and certainly one of the benefits that draws guests here from all around the country.  This view shows part of the Inn's Peony collection, and further behind it, Ashie's Garden is full of blooms.  Craig maintains three acres of public gardens here at the Inn.
Come down to the bonfire area, even without a fire, sit back in the comfortable Adirondack chairs, and gaze up into the night sky, filled with stars and constellations.  If you live in a city, you will want to park yourself here and take in the sky. We also provide large telescopes for you serious astronomers!Our Swimming Pool is the best!  40,000 gallons of water maintained to peak condition. The pool features a "buddy seat," which is a double chair built into the water with swirling water jets. The large size of the pool allows those of you who swim laps to get your exercise!  The deck area around the pool is large enough to accommodate 200 people in a cocktail party atmosphere. We seldom do that, but it does give you plenty of space to lie out and sun!