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Le Vatout

Dominika Spetsmann; Linda Mahoney

Inglese, Tedesco

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Album Foto

Whether you crave the quiet pleasure of a cup of tea and a bowl of fresh fruit on the porch, favor a communal breakfast of paper-thin buckwheat pancakes served at the dining table flooded with sun or simply want to hang out at the kitchen island, dig into a shrimp omelet and chat, at Le Vatout everything’s just different enough to delight.After a day of exploring the shoreline there’s nothing better than to fire up the stove in the sauna in back or to sit around the table under the weeping willow, drink lemonade and play cards. A grape-trellised tea house invites you to linger, a giant elm tree tempts you with an old-fashioned swing, and there’s always a refreshing breeze from the water which will relax and reinvigorate you at the same time.
The Robin is a writer's dream. Cool and cozy, it is the most private of our rooms and its second-floor, north-side window makes you feel as if you sit among feathery hemlocks. It features a hand-carved desk - another family heirloom - and a comfortable chair with a reading lamp. A large library of "real" books can inspire the writer in anyone and makes the reader feel at home. The Robin has a queen-sized sleigh bed, a large closet and a private, en-suite bathroomWarm and bright, with three windows, two of which let in the evening sun, the Goldfinch is on the ground floor, with a view of trees and evergreens. It is the former parlor of the house, has wide-pine floors and elaborate moldings, a walk in closet and an en-suite bathroom with a tub shower. The bed, a beautiful mahogany four-poster family heirloom is a traditional full, but sleeps two people comfortably.
The Nuthatch looks down onto the gardens from its second floor perch. A charming room with old-fashioned built-ins and wide-pine floors, it's quintessential Maine. There are two single beds, a beautiful antique arts and crafts desk and a comfortable chair, handy if you want to bring a laptop and use our wireless internet connection, though for entertainment there are always... books! The Nuthatch shares a bathroom with the Chickadee next door. High above the "dooryard", the Chickadee gets an extra helping of fragrance wafting up from the roses growing right below. It is a small, charming room with old-fashioned built-ins and wide-pine floors and it's our most economical solution. This room is a favorite of guests who are traveling alone, although its two single beds can accommodate two people just the same. The Chickadee shares a bathroom with the Nuthatch right next door.
Wood stove and winter silence... Staying at a Maine bed and breakfast in winter is an acquired taste. Anchored in the granite landscape right where the Medomac River meets the ocean, Le Vatout was built in the 1830's. The garden is lovely, huge, romantic and quite private with plenty of nooks and crannies where you can relax, write, read a book or simply snooze in the hammock. After a day of exploring the shoreline there’s nothing better than to sit around the fire pit in back or play cards under the weeping willow, drinking lemonade or a glass of wine.
It's different - or so we're being told: breakfast at Le Vatout is not your usual fare. We're not big fans of sugary stuff and tend to serve what we would eat: Savory food in generous portions, full of flavor, and fresh, fresh, fresh. Pancakes at Le Vatout tend to be huge, made with buckwheat and topped with a generous helping of Maine blueberries and chopped walnuts. Add a couple of thick slices carved from a slab of German bacon and prepare to swoon. 
Special diets - gluten free, dairy-free, vegetarian and vegan, you name it - we'll cheerfully accommodate.