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1870 Banana Courtyard French Quarter
1422 N. Rampart Street
French Quarter
New Orleans, LA 70116
Telefono: +1--5049474475
Fax: +1--5049453121
Numero verde: +1--8008424748

Mary Ramsey (aka the banana lady)


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Sip a drink and kick back in our tropical courtyard. Or enjoy reclining in the double hammock after a day of walking in the French Quarter.Yep. Everyone asks about the dark "blob' around this photo. It's the door around the large, custom designed, stained glass window with a banana tree scene that echos the carpet's motif in our front hall and the huge banana tree mural painted on the wall in the dining room.  

Walk out into our tropical courtyard or on our verandah, and enjoy the shade under the REAL banana trees brought from Cuba in the late 50's, just before the revolution. Unless we have a rough Winter freeze, from April through December we can serve guests bananas from our trees.
BALCONY ROOM: This Jr. suite is perfect for honeymoon or romantic weekend. Soaring cathedral ceiling, entrance BALCONY w/table +chairs overlooks tropical COURTYARD, private Balconette off bedroom overlooks French Quarter rooftops. Spacious room with sofabed in the seating area, an eclectic mix of antiques +new fangled stuff like an electric fireplace, whirlpool tub w/shower, kitchenette.Cannonball Room: Many returning guests ask for this stunning room every time they come back (it was part of the double parlour when house was a BORDELLO to the French Quarter +Garden District society's elite in late 1800s). Room OOZES history - hand-hewn bed was wedding present to our family in 1830 (we'll tell you the story behind it+the 1850s trundle bed underneath). Huge Indian Pichwais painting above marble mantel. 13' ceilings, hardwood floors, massive pocket doors, elaborately painted plaster medallion, sitting area. NOPE. You don't have to make a RUNNING JUMP to get into that high bed, 'cause we have a special wood step stool for y'all to use. All that 'new fangled' stuff like ceiling fan, Cable TV, phone, hair dryer, private ensuite bathroom with shower + there's also a powder room + fridge in the hall.
Yep. Fresh from French Quarter, Faubourg Marigny + other New Orleans bakeries, our generous Continental breakfast is SERVED in the dining room -- we don't believe in using paper plates, napkins, or plastic stuff. We try to make it an inviting place for guests to gather to exchange ideas about what they've done and seen, or just to get acquainted. Many a romance has blossomed in this historic room where the drinks were served and money collected in the 1800s BORDELLO days. You never know what you'll see at Banana Courtyard or in the French Quarter!!!! Relaxed atmosphere, HIGH CEILINGS, lush tropical courtyard, hammock, porch swing on the verandah, HARDWOOD FLOORS. In the late 1800s, house was a BORDELLO serving society's elite. Earlier, it was home of a rival to VOODOO Queen Marie Laveau.  All that +Chinese FENG SHUI, native craftsmen who were "Free men of Color," meld into an eclectic, interesting history of the house.  Learn more when you stay with us.
Yessiree.  Folks say it's like walking into a movie set when they even see just peak in the HEXAGON ROOM. In late 1800s, ladies of the evening reclined on chaise lounges, waiting for their beaux. (Yep, our place WAS a high class cat house catering to French Quarter+ Garden District.) Stunningly decorated with gorgeous ANTIQUES, on cold Winter nights, warm your tootsies near the gas logs in marble fireplace. Ensuite private, huge GWtW bathroom (old fashioned pedestal bathtub with shower). When you come to the BIG EASY you'll want to relax, sip  your favorite drink in our tropical courtyard. Kick back in a hammock, nap under the shade of a banana tree, brought from Cuba in 1959. OR, on the verandah, hop on the porch swing. After a long day sightseeing, take the opportunity to share adventures with other guests. Most of the year, our courtyard is kind of 'jungly'  A nice place to sip on a cup of coffee in the morning after breakfast, or a glass of wine early evening before you hit the clubs.
Oops.  Well we moved this bed to the Madame's Steamboat Room, and now the Hexagon Room has a King size bed, but this old photo gives you an idea of how stunning the pokcet doors are in the Hexagon Room.In case you're into French Quarter history +architecture, ours is one of the 1st Creole side-hall cottages(do not ask me why a 2 storey house is called a cottage).

 Our interior architecture was influenced by the Chinese workmen +their practice of FENG SHUI (we'll tell you the story behind our staircase). "Free men of color" craftsmen helped create our bullseye friezes, elaborate, hand painted ceiling medallions, cypress millwork. HIGH CEILINGS, hardwood floors, guilted Fleur de Lis fence, fish scale shingles, help you recall a bygone era.  

Don't let this picture make you think we are all fancy here.  We offer a very laid back environment amidst a lot of the fru-fru of the past. Guests say they've never seen so much interesting stuff to look at.
I tried to upload the whole photo, but didn't work.  Original photo was from dining room table looking up at chandelier with whirring ceiling fan blades on either side. Oh well.  At least it's 1/2 interesting.Since the 80s, the historic commission ruled that signs over the sidewalk aren't allowed on historic homes in New Orleans French Quarter, so this is what you'll see, instead, when you pull up to the B&B  -banana mural art work, which is permitted. Eeven the luxury inn in the next block had to be creative to overcome the signage rules.
Mardi Gras room: Folks equate New orleans and the French Quarter with a balcony. Darn. This is a spacious L-shaped room, but I can't get a photo of anything but the entrance, or the sofa seating area, OR the side with the antique chest, mini fridge, coffee maker. Guests are always surprised and delighted when they arrive and find a lovely room! 

Private outside entrance up the wrought iron steps to the balcony shared by only 2 other rooms.  Sit outside you rooms French doors and sit on the table +chairs to sip on a Mint Julep, glass of wine or iced tea, while enjoying the view of our lush tropical couutyard.This is the Hexagon Rooms Gone with the Wind bathroom with old fashioned pedestal bathtub with shower. Bathroom is HUGE, like so many in the French Quarter. This is just one side
Hexagon room: 13' ceilings, hardwood floor, spacious room, ensuite seating area, huge pocket doors used to join the 2 rooms used as parlours. Many homes in New Orleans and French Quarter had double parlors. The pocket doors enabled there to be a mens room and separate ladies room to retire to after dinner, where the guys would have a Cognac, smoke cigars and maybe play cards, and the ladies would play cards and gossip.In the Cannonball Room, is the original hand painted, plaster ceiling medallion from 1870s. Tell us if you see pomegranates, other fruits there. Sometimes French quarter ceiling medallions were made of wrought iron. Ours were hand made and moulded with plaster.
One of the 1st side hall Creole Cottages, this is one area where guests can congregate. I think this is photo used in the German newspaper and online travel article about our New Orleans/French Quarter B&B.Madame's Steamboat Room.  Steeped in history, this was the madame's bedroom. Hardwood floors, antique carved bed, fireplace, +all that 'new fangled stuff' like hair dryer, ceiling fans, Cable TV, phone, mini fridge. There's even an antique chamber pot tucked in the corner (Nope. Not to use, just to remind you of a different era in the French Quarter.) Ensuite private bathroom, old fashioned clawfoot tub with shower.
Folks seem to equate New Orleans and the French Quarter with balconies. The balcony is private just to guests who rent one of the 3 rooms on this wing.  Great for groups who want the whole wing to themselves. Start your day sipping a cup of coffee or tea, or relax in the evening with a glass of wine, mint julep or iced tea. N'Awlins is a laid back place where you can just kick back and enjoy the moment.Yep.  Our balcony is all decorated for Mardi Gras. Celebrating this special event is the epitome of French Quarter madness! If you want to save money, come for mini-Mardi Gras, the weekend before the 5 days of carnival the next weekend that leads up to Fat Tuesday.  During mini-Mardi Gras, The crowds are smaller so  you can easily get into cafes, restaurants, bars, and music clubs.
Bread Pudding.  Yum, yum.  It is usually served at restaurants in New Orleans French Quarter as dessert.  At Banana Courtyard, we often use it as a sweet as part of our generous Continental breakfast served in the dining room. Ask us for the recipe when you are here.Boiled crawfish: If you come to New Orleans French Quarter, you gotta try these!  Whether they are boiled with new potatoes, corn on the cob, or just lemons. They are awesome. We'll show you how to peel and eat them if you grab a pound or so from the market in the next block.  Nope.  I won't show you how to suck em.
Cajun Quarters. Oops.  Didn't notice that romantic netting was crooked. Decorated with Cajun theme, this is a romantic room with a tables +chairs on balcony outside bedroom door, overlooks courtyard. Outside entrance from courtyard, easy walk to New Orleans French Quarter attractions. 1 of only 3 rooms on balcony, budget conscious folks get a lot of bang for your buck +you can save more money with the ensuite microwave, mini fridge +coffee maker.Garden Cottage: Romantic, secluded, stunning, relaxing. what more could you ask for as a base for exploring New Orleans neighborhoods, the French Quarter, riding the St. Charles Streetcar, going to Audubon Park, +places only we locals know about - cafes, restaurants, music clubs, bars, hidden treasures?