Marine Specialties, Inc.

Marine Specialties Inc., Provincetown

No, this expansive shop isn't for those in the armed services, though you will find vintage military jackets, belt buckles, gas masks and other military novelties - maybe even 40-year-old MREs. Marine Specialties does have a nautical vibe, though that's hardly the best word to describe it.

Located on the main shopping and entertainment thoroughfare along the bay - the aptly named Commercial Street - this odd shop sells everything under the sun. Are you looking for a rad vintage leather jacket? Buy one here, and get your money's worth - they're sold by the pound! Do you have a need for American Airlines food trays from the 1960s? How about authentic safari hats from who knows when, or maybe hotel soap in bulk, Buddhist prayer flags, vintage typewriter keys and other salvaged parts?

What you'll find in this packed warehouse-style store is anyone's guess, but it's a must-see, even just to read the signs with some seriously fun attitude - some things are sold "by the handful - anyone's hand." Who knows, maybe you'll come away with something you didn't know you needed!


Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit, Provincetown

This artsy boutique at the intersection of Commercial and Winthrop Streets advertises its wares as "sinfully elegant and eclectic oddities." If this sounds right up your alley, then stop in - it's only about three blocks east from Marine Specialties. All of Forbidden Fruit's home and garden products are sourced from local artists and other craftspeople - nothing here is mass-produced, meaning you can return home with a beautiful and unique souvenir or gift. Skip the airbrushed t-shirts and the plastic keychains and head into this funky little shop for a one-of-a-kind souvenir by which to remember your P-town travels.


The Shell

The Shell Shop, Provincetown
Largest Sea Fan in the World!

This amazing store is great for both adults and kids, and it's a refreshing break from the regular tee and tchotchke shops. The shell shop sports thousands of shells, and who doesn't love looking at shells? You can buy some pretty impressive ones at reasonable prices to take home - a great option if you weren't able to find many on the beach.

The Shell Shop is also for the serious shell collectors, offering rare specimen shells that can sell for a few hundred dollars! This is not child's play, but at the same time it is. Have a pet hermit crab? Buy him or her a new shell here. You can also buy some very pretty and unique wind chimes and Christmas ornaments made from various shells in a rainbow of colors.

If you want more than the protective outer case of a sea creature, The Shell Shop has an impressive array of other great natural products, from vibrant air plants to fossils and minerals. And, if you see something special there but need more time to think, you can always order it from their online store when you get home.



This cool clothing store isn't really a clothing store at all - it's a lifestyle shop. Located among the trendy rocker-chic wear, you'll find counter-culture decor, accessories, coffee table books, vintage posters and more, which all fit together for a seamlessly hip vibe.

People rave about the hard-to-find brands, soft tees, jewelry, impeccable taste and excellent customers service bundled into this rad little shop. It's a moderately expensive store, so not for the serious bargain-hunters, but you might find one great piece you can't live without in this oasis of cool on Commercial Street.


And remember for the best Provincetown shopping options, book a downtown B&B!