fall road trip ideas infographic

Staunton, VA

If you’re a fan of The Bard, catch a play at the only replica in the world of William Shakespeare’s indoor playhouse, the Blackfriars Monastery in London. The lighting and stage are even historically accurate!

Cave City, KY

If you’re heading from Louisville to Nashville on U.S. Route 65, stop at Mammoth Cave. It’s the longest known cave in the world - more than 392 miles of underground cavernous space. You can go spelunking with knee pads and headlamps for the ultimate adventure. Stop over in Cave City to see the outdoor park known as Dinosaur World with real-life prehistoric reptile replicas."

Memphis, Tenn.

Take a walk in the Mud Island River Park. You’ll actually be walking on raised mud platforms in a shallow replica of the Mississippi River - the fourth longest in the world! Each stride you take represents one mile of river.

Springfield, Ohio

Check out Hartman’s Rock Garden in Springfield, Ohio, for it’s quirky collection of miniatures made from rock, established in 1932. You can see tiny stone replicas of Independence Hall, the White House and even Noah’s Ark - animals included.

Birmingham, Ala.

Check out the odd Alabama Museum of the Health Sciences, which features slightly spooky but interesting ivory and wooden anatomical models of the human body, which were actually used in the 16th and 17th centuries. There’s also a massive and industrial-looking antique iron lung on display.

Point Harbor, N.C.

During your Atlantic Coast road trip, stop in Point Harbor, just north of Kitty Hawk, to lounge in the world’s largest hammock. It spans 42 feet, features 10,000 feet or rope and can accommodate up to 8,000 pounds! Bring your entire family here for a relaxing nap.

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