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Fall in Love in La La Land

Los Angeles, California


The almost-but-not-quite 2016 Best Picture winner (it’s a long story) calls its setting La La Land, which fittingly describes the leads’ head-over-heels romance as they dance, sing and woo their way through L.A. Inspired by classic musicals, the film’s sets feel straight out of Old Hollywood. Roam Mt. Hollywood Drive overlooking the Valley and gaze at stars at the Griffith Observatory planetarium — no floating, please — with its monument to Rebel Without a Cause star James Dean and where you can also catch the best angles of the Hollywood sign. Reenact romantic scenes with your S.O. along the sunset-lit span of the Colorado Street Bridge, or snap pics at the Angels Flight Railway funicular, no longer in service but still a worthy sight.

Stay: The Topanga Canyon Inn offers proximity to Los Angeles plus the stunning scenery and outdoorsy fun of Topanga State Park — a welcome break from endless traffic sadly deprived of extended musical sequences. Luckily, the Old Hollywood–inspired suites have mountain-facing balconies and cinematic views of their own.




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Get Ripped Like Rocky

Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia


Get your steps in the Rocky way with a vigorous jog up the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, made so famous by the boxing film that they’re known as “the Rocky Steps” by most. Once your workout is complete, stop for a photo op with the larger-than-life Rocky Balboa statue at the foot of the stairs. Then walk through the Italian Market and hit up Pat’s for a famous Philly cheesesteak. (Rocky’s preference from the film, although rival Geno’s is right across the street if you simply must sample both.) Need to burn off those calories? Run along the waterfront of Penn’s Landing, the setting of Rocky’s iconic training montages.

Stay: Located just a mile or so over the Schuylkill River, Spruce Hill Manor is an elegant B&B prettily situated on a tree-lined residential street. Spacious rooms have period antiques and floral textiles befitting this brick Victorian home. Past guests applaud the gracious service of innkeepers Janet and Adrienne, who fill stays with little extras like seasonal sweets and local recommendations.




Warner Bros | Roberto McGrath

Perfect Your Truffle Shuffle

Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia


For those of us who never got an action-packed, adventure-filled, pirate-battling childhood, we could always live vicariously through The Goonies. The dream lives on in Astoria, Oregon. Many scenes were filmed on location, including Mikey’s dad’s office in the real-life Flavel House Museum and the old county jail building, now the Oregon Film Museum. Stop by for a peek at the Goonies-related exhibits. And while One-Eyed Willy’s subterranean ship was filmed on a Hollywood soundstage, you can follow the treasure-mapping friends’ footsteps along Ecola State Park and Cannon Beach. The towering Haystack Rock makes for especially Instagrammable moments.

Stay: Head across the Columbia River into secluded southwest Washington State. Here, the Boreas Bed and Breakfast has sweeping beach views, complete with dunes and sunsets bordered by Pacific Northwest pines. If that weren’t enticing enough, the inn has a cedar- and glass-encased gazebo with a hot tub facing the beach, naturally.




Universal Pictures | Gabor Szitanyi

Become Dazed and Confused

Austin, Texas


Director Richard Linklater set this coming-of-age comedy in — where else? — Austin, a city that celebrates its youthful quirks in just the same way. While tourists probably won’t experience the keg parties and paddlings of Dazed’s summer-starved high schoolers, they can mimic that last-day-of-school glory and trace a trail of filming locations throughout the city. These spots include Top Notch Burgers, a classic drive-in burger joint and easily the most famous setting from the film, as well as the Toney Burger football stadium and West Enfield Park, where the “moon tower” party took place.

Stay: A quick walk from downtown Austin brings you to The Fairview. This newly renovated, fiercely modern inn has eclectic furniture and high-tech style, from the Google Fiber internet to the unlimited Netflix, Amazon Prime and HuluPlus available for guests. You know, if you feel like a movie or two.





Universal City Studios | Melinda Sue Gordon

Play on a Field of Dreams

Dyersville, Iowa


If you build it, they will come … and stay for a while. Filmed around the small Iowa town of Dubuque, Field of Dreams has baseball at its very core. So clearly your first stop is the baseball field built by Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner), bordered by sky-high cornstalks from whence the mysterious directions come. Take a tour of the site and time your visit for the Ghost Sunday Comedy Show, when spectral ballplayers emerge from the cornfields to entertain with a film-inspired family-friendly show. Baseball buffs can catch a real live game by the Minnesota Twins affiliate in nearby Cedar Rapids, if they just can’t enough of America’s pastime.

Stay: The cottages, cabins and luxuriously appointed suites at the Goldmoor Inn offer multiple options in nearby Galena. We’re partial to the romantic cottages, which come with their own kitchens, whirlpools, fireplaces and private porches facing the Mississippi River.





New Line Cinema | Melissa Moseley

Find Love Stories and Southern Grits

Charleston, South Carolina


The Nicholas Sparks–penned tearjerker The Notebook is a staple of slumber parties and mental-health days. Sticky sweet? Undeniably, but also filled with touching scenes and gorgeous South Carolina scenery. Your first must-see is Boone Hall Plantation, the palatial summer home of Rachel McAdams’ Allie. The 1700s-era plantation does a wonderful job of interpreting the lives of the Southern planters and the tragedies of the slaves who lived here. Afterward, visit Calhoun Mansion, used for the movie’s magnificent interiors. Continue with more tours of Charleston’s many historic homes, museums and farmsteads, or enjoy a bluegrass brunch at High Cotton on East Bay Street, where Allie and her fiance (the not-Ryan-Gosling one) dine.

Stay: Charleston is like paradise for B&B fans, simply because there are so many. But we’re enamored with the Cuthbert House Inn, an antebellum manse right on the water. Splurge on a bay-facing suite with its own antique clawfoot tub, then tuck into a hearty breakfast served in the conservatory.





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Miramax | George Kraychyk

Explore Boston the Matt Damon Way

Boston, Massachusetts


Good Will Hunting, the story of a handsome-but-damaged genius janitor, was written by native sons Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, who clearly know their town well. Start off in Cambridge with a tour of the MIT campus where Will solves the impossible math problem; there’s plenty of interesting architecture to catch your eye. Then head downtown and sit for a spell in the lush Public Garden. The country’s first botanical garden, it’s also home to the park bench where Damon shares a memorably moving scene with Robin Williams. Since the actor’s death, the bench has become a makeshift memorial. End with a nightcap at L Street Tavern in South Boston (ahem, Southie) where Will meets his friends; it’s an authentic dive with real hometown spirit.

Stay: Seeking out unique accommodations? Look no further than Bed and Breakfast Afloat, a collection of sailboats, houseboats and yachts moored in Charlestown’s Constitution Marina. Enjoy the city and harbor views, arrange a sunset cruise or fishing tour or just float in the top-deck Jacuzzi after your drink at L Street.





Touchstone Pictures | Richard J. Cartwright

Find 10 Things I Hate About You (But Love About Seattle)

Seattle-Tacoma, Washington


This rom-com is loosely based on The Taming of the Shrew. Very loosely — we’re positive Shakespeare’s Petruchio never danced down football bleachers while dueting with a marching band. (Heath Ledger, however, does.) The Seattle-Tacoma setting is well worth the trip, from the castle-like Stadium High School to downtown Tacoma, where Kat backs into a classmate’s car. Famous both on celluloid and in travel blogs, Gasworks Parks is a must-see in its own right. This 20-acre public park is where Kat (Julia Stiles) and Patrick (Ledger) play paintball and work out their issues. It’s also filled with hulking industrial architecture, high-flying kites, a sundial and wide-angle downtown views beloved by 10 Things super-fans and non-fans alike.

Stay: Enjoy the palatial sprawl of The Villa, a Tacoma B&B with five suites done up in Mediterranean style. Damask sheets, down comforters, gas fireplaces, luxury robes and bath salts contribute to the romantic feel.




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Paramount | Laurel Moore

Get Lost in a Painting a la Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Chicago, Illinois


Like many John Hughes flicks, Ferris Bueller takes place in Chicago, and the Windy City’s landmarks are featured throughout as the leads play hooky like pros. First stop: culture. Pop your earbuds in, turn on The Smiths’ “Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want” and stare deeply into the masterpieces at the Chicago Institute of Art. Take in a day game at Wrigley Field and practice your best “hey batta batta batta batta” chant. Finish with a wander up North Dearborn Street, where Ferris grand-marshals a parade — we can’t promise you’ll amass followers like the famously fourth-wall-breaking Ferris, but it’s worth a shot.

Stay: Keeping up with high schoolers can be exhausting. You'll be sure to replenish your energy with gourmet goodies like popover pancakes at breakfast. This large and luxurious inn known for its Jacuzzi suites and plush beds, Harvey House ranks high on countless “best of” lists.





Paramount | Robert Coburn

Get Vertigo in SFO

San Francisco, California


The steep curving streets, sudden drops and sharp angles of San Francisco provided Hitchcock with the perfect backdrop for Vertigo. You, too, will fall obsessively in love with the city as you explore the mist-shrouded scenes. Start with a walk in posh Nob Hill, where Jimmy Stewart’s Scottie lived. Get transfixed at the Legion of Honor museum, and although the 1958 film’s bewitching portrait was a prop, the European paintings housed here are real. Finally, take a walk over the Golden Gate Bridge and a stop in the park below. It’s a fitting — no spoilers — end to your vacation.

Stay: The Golden Gate Hotel is chock-full of Edwardian charm. Be greeted by Pip, the resident cat, upon arrival. Each afternoon, relax over tea and cookies in the antique parlor. (Fellow guests and Pip may pop in.) Then take the vintage birdcage elevator to your guest room for a restful night’s sleep.





—by Dara Continenza