Your B&B style is Eclectic

Keep life exciting. Who said Ikea and antiques don’t match?

Gilded, a bold and boutique-y B&B, offers an irreverent angle on all that buttoned-up Newport glam. The highly Instagrammable interiors include vintage furniture upholstered in a riot of rainbow, Gilded Age artwork in gold frames, and a daring array of peacock wallpapers. (Think Technicolor but very refined.) A billiards room and a gourmet breakfast of oh-so-trendy small plates add to the modern take on old-school elegance.

Style Tip: Eclectic design still needs to be cohesive, so center each room around a unifying theme, whether it’s one bright color, one general shape, or a particular piece of furniture. But don’t be afraid of really going there.