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  • An Innkeeper's Guide to Cape Cod

    Massachusetts may not be the first place you think of when you want to take a beach vacation, but Cape Cod is a coastal paradise. This narrow peninsula on the southeast tip of the state is only 20 miles across at its widest point, but it features nearly 56…

  • An Innkeeper's Guide to Fredericksburg

    Texas Hill Country is right in the middle of the great state of Texas, and Fredericksburg is the heart of Hill Country. And while it's all Texas here—there's no shortage of big hats—the region has deep roots in Bavarian culture.

  • Things to do in Marrakech

    Many travelers visit Marrakech for its close proximity to the snow-covered Atlas Mountains and subtropical Sahara Desert, but there is plenty to find within the confines of the city. Start with the popular attractions, such as the famed old city market pla…