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  • Haunted Inns

    If you are intrigued by eerie apparitions and things that go bump in the night, consider staying at these B&Bs known for their ghostly happenings. Many B&Bs are in historic homes, some of which have friendly spirits still lingering from the past. F…

  • Scary Ghost Encounters at Haunted B&Bs

    Do you believe in ghosts? We know a few innkeepers who do. At certain centuries-old historical inns, paranormal occurrences are routine, and travelers—if they're lucky—can catch exciting glimpses of the otherworldly. Just in time for Halloween,…

  • 5 Haunted B&Bs that Fright and Delight

    Want to spend Halloween in a real haunted house? These five B&Bs delight travelers with their ghoulish guests and spooky stories.