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  • Your Perfect B&B Based on Your Zodiac Sign

    Some things are best left up to fate. Look up to the stars and leave your next getaway up to your zodiac. Take the quiz below and find your perfect B&B!

  • B&B Your Way Across Canada

    From the sandy beaches and coastal rainforests of British Columbia's Pacific Coast, across the snowcapped mountains and sweeping prairies of its interior and on to the many cultural attractions of both Ontario and Quebec (not to mention the stark beauty of…

  • 7 B&B Suite Stunners

    Romantic getaway? Celebratory escape? When your everyday run-of-the-mill guest room simply won’t do, a spacious suite is ready and awaiting your arrival. Here are seven of our absolute favorite B&B suites, offering every last amenity from wood-burning fire…

  • 7 Inns Fit for Francophiles

    Why fly to France when you can experience a taste of it close to home? Sumptuous French dishes. Lush gardens of lavender. Stone country cottages and rolling vineyard hills (and perhaps a resident poodle or two)? Bien sûr! Below, we found seven inns fit for…

  • West Coast Road Trips

    Mega-ton dinosaurs in the desert. Ancient villages in the rainforest. Museums dedicated to mankind — and bananas. The wide and wild West Coast offers a treasure trove of road-trip opportunities, with plenty of odd roadside attractions along the way.

  • Midwest Road Trips

    The Midwest is practically made for road trips, with long but easy drives winding through farmland and flattened fields. Plus, the distance between points A and B feels negligible when there’s an award-winning B&B or a luxurious lodge at the end. Here are …

  • A Food-Lover's Getaway in Portland, Maine

    Once named “America’s Foodiest Small Town” by Bon Appetit, the vibrant, charming waterfront city of Portland, Maine, has only gotten “foodier.”

  • 10 Iconic Lakeside Retreats

    Few things are as quintessentially American as a lakeside in summer. Indeed, the United States is home to well over 100,000 lakes, from the mighty Greats like Erie and Superior to the small waterside spots beloved by families on summer vacation. This means…