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Gluten-Free Breakfast Options near Downtown Austin, Texas

Tacodeli (View the menu) (3 Locations. Breakfast served 7am-11am Monday-Friday, 8am-3pm Saturday and Sunday) An Austin classic – I actually make up my own breakfast taco when I go to Tacodeli. I usually order 2 tacos on corn tortillas with egg, avocado and cowboy mix, with extra Dona sauce. Amazing!


Whole Foods Flagship (+3 other locations) A foodie mecca – smoothies, freshly squeezed juices, coffee and more. They have breakfast items in the morning. They mark their items with allergens, but be aware of what food is next to the gluten-free food (i.e. barley next to quinoa at the salad bar= don’t eat). The Whole Foods Flagship is a must-see while you are visiting.

Bouldin Creek Coffeehouse (View the menu) (Open 7am Monday-Friday, 8am on weekends) A favorite of mine… I eat here at least once a week. My favorite for breakfast? The El Tipico – eggs over medium with lettuce, tomato, potato-hash cake and corn tortillas. I always ask for sliced avocado on top and some sriracha!

Austin Java (View the menu on their Locate Special Diet listing) (6 locations. Breakfast served all day, everyday). Another place I frequent for breakfast. Their lunch and dinner are not as gluten-free friendly…But breakfast is easy! I normally order the Traditional – eggs over medium with bacon, hash browns, salsa and avocado. Their coffee is great – try the almond milk latte.

Lamberts (View the menu) (Brunch 11am-2pm, Saturday and Sunday) A great spot for a relaxing weekend brunch. Alert the server you are gluten-free. They are knowledgeable.

Counter Culture (View the menu on their Locate Special Diet listing) (Brunch Saturday and Sunday , 11am-3pm) Vegan restaurant with marked gluten-free items.

Snack Bar (View the menu on their Locate Special Diet listing) (Brunch, 9am-4pm Saturday and Sunday) Great gluten-free brunch, including french toast!

Kerbey Lane (View the menu on their Locate Special Diet listing) (5 area locations, 24 hour diner, breakfast served 24 hours a day) Gluten-Free pancakes, sure! Be aware of cross contamination.

Frank (View the menu) I love Frank. Quality ingredients and it’s super cheap. Their brunch is great and if you let them know you are gluten-free, they will take care of you. If you must though, I love their lunch and dinner too and it’s great that they serve gluten-free beer.

Taverna (View the menu on their Locate Special Diet listing) (opens 9 a.m. Saturday and Sunday) Another great weekend brunch spot, but get there early. They no longer take reservations for brunch. They have a great gluten-free menu (brunch, lunch and dinner)! The chorizo and manchego cheese omelette is awesome!

Bacon (View menu) (Breakfast served all day) Ask them to not grill your corn tortilla if you get breakfast tacos. Most breakfast plates (besides the obvious), may be modified to be gluten-free.

Daily Juice (View menu) (3 area locations) Their downtown location is a great spot to pick up a quick snack on the go, or enjoy one of their smoothies or freshly squeezed juices.

Juiceland (View menu) (4 area locations) Similar to Daily Juice, Juiceland offers snacks on the go and freshly squeezed juices, as well as unique smoothies.

Galaxy Cafe (View the menu on their Locate Special Diet listing) (Breakfast served everyday) Galaxy Cafe is great. It’s another local spot that I frequent often. They have a great gluten-free menu, including bread for sandwiches, and gluten-free wraps. Try their American breakfast, with scrambled eggs.

Zocalo Cafe (View menu) (Brunch Saturday and Sunday, 10am-2pm) Zocalo is owned by the same people as Galaxy Cafe. Zocalo is great at accommodating special diets, just let them know. I love their huevos rancheros (not dairy-free though).

Hickory Street (View the menu on their Locate Special Diet listing) (Brunch served Saturday and Sunday) Hickory Street has plenty of gluten-free options, clearly marked on their menu (even gluten-free fried chicken … not breakfast appropriate but still)! They do a great job at preventing cross contamination.

Maudie’s (View menu on their Locate Special Diet listing) (6 area locations, Breakfast served all day) Maudie’s is great for the gluten-free folks. They have a great menu, and serve breakfast all day. Ask for the gluten-free tortilla chips and menu upon arrival.

Freddie’s (Breakfast served everyday) They have a gluten-free menu, with many options for those who are gluten-free. Great outdoor sitting area and they are a dog-friendly establishment.

Snap Kitchen (View the menu on their Locate Special Diet listing) (3 locations. Breakfast-to-go all day during business hours) Snap Kitchen is perfect for breakfast on the go. Plenty of healthy and gluten-free options to choose from.

24 Diner (View the menu on their Locate Special Diet listing) (Breakfast served 24 hours a day) The name says it all, a 24 hour Diner in downtown Austin, TX. But this one is special … I like to call it an ‘upscale diner’ which uses quality ingredients, and has a gluten-free menu!

Trio (View the menu on their Locate Special Diet listing) (Breakfast served Monday-Sunday, + Brunch on Sundays) Trio is located in the Four Seasons downtown. They have a great gluten-free menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Guero’s (View the menu) (Breakfast served all day) Located on South Congress (Soco).

Wildwood (View the menu on their Locate Special Diet listing) (Breakfast served Monday-Saturday 10am-2pm) A completely gluten-free restaurant and bakery. Not necessarily downtown, but it’s a must I mention it.

Please note that this is not a complete list of gluten-free friendly breakfast or brunch spots near downtown Austin. This is just a small portion of places I frequent that serve breakfast or brunch. If you would to see others, please download our mobile app called Locate Special Diet. Disclaimer: There is only one completely gluten-free kitchen on the list above (Wildwood). Please be aware of cross-contamination when dining out, and do not be afraid to ask the waitstaff and chef questions. Stay tuned – for other gluten-free blogger’s entries for the guide.

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