Farmers Guest House - Apple Cheese Stuffed FRench Toast

The winner is:


Midwest region: Apple Cheese Stuffed French Toast with Midwest Berry Sauce


Farmers Guest House - Galena, IL

"Locally sourced breakfast is a priority for us here at Farmers Guest House and this recipe is a fine example of tasty ingredients found in the Great Lakes region of the Midwest contributing to this local favorite. Apple Cheese Stuffed French Toast with Midwest Berry Sauce showcases our local sources."

- Don & Susan, Innkeepers



Baked Apple CrispRunner up:

East region: Baked Apple Crisp

1837 Cobblestone Cottage B&B - Canandaigua, NY

"The "Baked Apple Crisp" is a good way to avoid eating an entire apple pie! Here at the Cottage we always serve dessert with breakfast and what could be better than using apples from New York State."

- Kathleen LoVerde, Innkeeper


Breakfast Grilled Cheese

Brayton Bed and Breakfast - Oshkosh, WI

"Grilled cheese is real American comfort food as we feel that breakfast should be too. So we have added all our favorite ingredients from a 60 mile radius to bring you Breakfast Grilled Cheese made from Cinnamon Bread from our local grocery store, Festival Foods,  Raspberry Jalapeño Jam made in Appleton, Mango Fire White Cheddar Cheese from our friends at Hennings in Kiel, Applewood smoked pepper bacon and we slather that in Wisconsin made maple syrup with local organic eggs and fry it up to give you a gourmet Breakfast Grilled Cheese."

- Nicole and Scott Brayton, Innkeepers

Smoked Brisket Quesadilla with Fresh Roasted Vegetable Salsa

Cedar Crest Lodge - Pleasanton, KS

"This is a delicious representation of what we, in Kansas, have to offer.  Kansas City is known for its BBQ and smoked meats.  My husband, Matt, has developed a special dry rub for his brisket preparation which is hard to beat!  Our B&B property includes 111 acres of land on which we grow as many fruits and vegetables organically that we can.  We try to incorporate our produce in essentially every meal we serve - including breakfast; so I developed this very fresh, chunky “salsa” which showcases several garden goodies.  Add farm fresh eggs to these ingredients and we have one awesome breakfast entree that we are proud to serve to our guests!"

- Laura Cunningham, Owner/innkeeper

Sweet Corn Cakes with Poached Eggs, Hollandaise and Roasted Asparagus

Chestnut Street Inn - Sheffield, IL

"Of course the Midwest, and specifically Illinois, is known for it's corn so I knew I wanted to incorporate corn into the recipe to some capacity. It is also known for it's pork and what's breakfast without bacon? I get locally sourced bacon and eggs from an organic farm one mile from the inn and therefore I incorporated them into my recipe. I also get fresh asparagus in the spring from another organic farm I use and it's my favorite veggie to feature for breakfast. Finally, I have a third farm that grows micro greens for me. All the components are not only regional, but represent our inns commitment to featuring locally sourced, organic foods in our menus."

- Monika Sudakov, Innkeepers


Walla Walla Sweet Onion Quiche

Inn at Abeja - Walla Walla, WA

"This Walla Walla Sweet Onion Quiche sings summer has arrived. As the days grow long here in the valley the sweet smell of onions fills the air and we can’t wait to pick up a bag from the local farm stand. Looking for a way to showcase the onion at breakfast I developed this deep, custardy quiche using caramelized onions and the freshest of farm eggs. I assemble and bake the quiche the day before and warm it in the morning. The result is melt in the mouth goodness without a lot of fuss. Yum!”

- Mary Besbris, Innkeeper

Smothered Green Chili Soufflé

Avenue Hotel Bed and Breakfast - Manitou Springs, CO

"Nothing says southwest like green chili. Chilies of all varieties are grown all over the southwest and are a staple in many recipes. Avenue Hotel Bed and Breakfast’s Smothered Green Chili Soufflé is a recipe gifted to me by a guest from New Mexico; I then added my own touches.  Making it in individual portions and smothered with Gwenn’s southern Colorado style breakfast green chili."

- Gwenn David & Randy Hodges, Innkeepers

Polenta Poachers

Harrison House Suites - San Juan Island, WA

"We developed this recipe as an option to a traditional eggs benedict – perfect for guests that are gluten intolerant. Based on the season, we prepare a variation showcasing the season’s bounty - local asparagus in spring, wilted kale, chard or spinach in fall and winter and heirloom tomatoes in summer. We garnish with fresh herbs and edible flowers from our chef’s garden, seasonal pesto or a roasted red pepper coulis, and top with either chicken or duck eggs from Island farms."

- Anna Maria de Freitas, Innkeeper

Jackson Hole Gravlax

Bentwood Inn - Jackson Hole, WY

"Traditionally cured gravlax has been a family favorite for years and our usual holiday morning breakfast. After relocating to Jackson Hole, Wyoming last year to become innkeepers at the Bentwood Inn, we loved the availability of unique local organic ingredients. As we immerse our selves in western culture and cuisine, we sought to "Westernize" the traditional gravlax. Cilantro and jalapeno were a given, but didn't blend with traditional dill and the juniper imparted by gin. When we discovered locally distilled Wyoming Whiskey, it proved to be the missing ingredient adding a smokey richness to the gravlax. Fresh gravlax as one of our daily breakfast offerings is an unexpected luxury for guests."

- Bob & Virginia Schrader, Innkeepers


Portobello Breakfast Stuffie

The Attwater - Newport, RI

"The "Stuffie" is a Rhode Island staple, essentially a clam cake but made with large clams native to RI called quahogs. After long cold winters, fresh produce is so welcome in our breakfast items, this dish offers a burst of fresh garden flavors mixed with a favored RI treat. The salty and decadent quahog clam mixture pairs so well with the meaty portobello, and the spicy chourico gives it an extra kick. The arugula on top adds a fresh and peppery bite and when you cut into the mushroom the soft baked egg yolk acts as a sauce to bring the whole dish together. The balsamic on top adds some acidity to the creamy goat cheese and ties the whole dish together. This "all in one" breakfast item is an interesting take on Rhode Island's best flavors and these are the types of things we love to present to our guests!"

- Meg Butcher, General Manager

Smoked Chicken and Sweet Potato Hash with a Curried Crème Fraîche

Harvest Moon Bed & Breakfast - New Holland, PA

"Our original smoked chicken and sweet potato hash is one dish that shines of Lancaster County. During the winter time, it is hard to find fresh produce here in Pennsylvania. So, I like to use winter root vegetables like that of sweet potatoes. Blend that with smoked chicken from our local butcher and a blend of spices, you've got yourself a wonderful hearty, healthy deep winter breakfast offering."

- Carl Kosko, Innkeeper

Baked Apple Crisp

1837 Cobblestone Cottage B&B - Canandaigua, NY

"The "Baked Apple Crisp" is a good way to avoid eating an entire apple pie! Here at the Cottage we always serve dessert with breakfast and what could be better than using apples from New York State."

- Kathleen LoVerde, Innkeeper

Blueberry Soufflé with Blueberry Sauce

The Kingsleigh Inn - Southwest Harbor, ME

"With over 44,000 acres of Wild Blueberries growing in Maine, there’s plenty of opportunity at Kingsleigh Inn to share them with guests in homemade sweet breads, baked oatmeal, buttermilk pancakes, fruit salads and these individual Blueberry Soufflés. We love this recipe for its simplicity, scalability and, of course, abundance of sweet blueberries which pair so well with the “surprise” little pillows of warm cream cheese. And, unlike traditional soufflés, these will look as beautiful on the plate as they did in the oven!"

- Pamela & Bryan, Innkeepers

Three Cheese Tart

Burlington’s Willis Graves Bed and Breakfast Inn - Burlington, KY

"Years ago I figured out that blending Feta, Parmesan and Gruyère cheeses makes a unique taste that almost no one can resist when baked in a quiche. Even guests who typically overlook the words “tart” or “quiche” on a menu absolutely love it! Using the same cheese and herb measurements will allow for adding vegetables as written in the base recipe, or you can substitute anything from your local farmer. My weekly trip to Eagle Bend Farm for eggs makes me relax alongside innkeeping, and our guests can experience this haven too since Eagle Bend is open by appointment. They raise alpacas and wonderful chickens, so many different kinds of chickens, and there is even a fiber studio with knitting classes. The chickens who lay our favorite blue eggs are called Araucana. This original recipe is special to us since it has been a guest favorite for so many years, and we hope you can enjoy making it at home now too. If you host any out-of-town guests for a Kentucky Derby party this Spring, consider preparing this tart for brunch and use Kentucky country ham to create a true regional specialty. The ham makes it even better. Enjoy!” 

- Nancy Swartzel, Owner


Darien Shrimp Delight

Open Gates Bed & Breakfast - Darien, GA

"The Darien Shrimp Delight, is a great dish that showcases my creative twist and blending of two great classics! Shrimp and Grits and Eggs Benedict. I'm am so grateful to be able to walk two blocks to the waterfront to pick up my fresh wild Georgia shrimp, and American sturgeon caviar from Walters caviar.  As well as being able to source fresh produce from local organic farms, and freshly milled grits. It has always been my goal to support and promote Coastal Darien, Georgia and all the history, and amazing nature this area provides. This great recipe contest is the perfect way to help travelers rediscover Darien as the "hidden gem" of the Golden Isles."

- Zachariah Rath, Owner/Innkeeper

Southwestern Hash with Local Sausage and Yard Eggs

Rose Hill Manor – Stonewall, TX

"Rose Hill Manor's Southwest breakfast reflects a combination of influences - Texas frontier cooking and the German heritage of the Fredericksburg, Texas area, and a nod to Henri DeLobbe, our farm-raised egg supplier. We add a pork sausage locally produced by Opa's - a long-time Fredericksburg sausage company that has expanded all over the state, and farm-raised eggs from Henri's pet chickens - which are his treasured companions.  Our salsa is handmade in our kitchen and has never been preserved or put in a jar, which results in a wonderfully fresh and flavorful salsa."  

- Joseph Bannister, Innkeeper

Sweet Potato Biscuits

Bay Haven Inn - Cape Charles, VA

"When we moved to the Eastern Shore of  Virginia we knew we wanted to bring  as many “local” products as possible the table for our guests. One of our favorite finds was the ever popular and bountiful sweet potato which grows well in the loamy soil of the shore.  Our recipe has an incredibly rich history that goes far beyond the shore of the Chesapeake Bay, it derives from Thomas Jefferson who had his biscuits served at the first meeting of the First Continental Congress in 1774. We use his recipe and add a few local twists to make it our Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles signature savory offering."

- Jim Holloway, Owner and Sweet Potato Biscuit Baker, Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles