Your rooms and rates page

The Rooms & Rates section is a valuable part of your listing, as it provides travelers with information about each of the unique rooms available at your inn. Make sure your Rooms & Rates page is up-to-date with detailed descriptions and pictures of each room with these helpful tips.

rooms and rates page

Room Descriptions: Travelers want to hear what makes each room different. Highlight each room’s special amenities and unique selling features that may not be obvious in the photos.

Highlight Room Amenities:
  • Bed size, speciality/organic linens, etc.
  • Fireplace
  • TV, Cable, DVD, CD player, iPod Player
  • Rain shower, whirlpool tub, unique bath soaps
  • Kitchenette, microwave, mini-bar
  • View, balcony, deck or patio
  • Handicap accessibility
  • Pet-friendly
  • Family-friendly

rooms and rates page blue room

Room Photo tips: Appealing photos are the best way to convert lookers to bookers. Make sure your pictures are clear, crisp, and bright.

Not sure how to update the Rooms & Rates page in Home Base? Here's how:

  • Log into your Home Base
  • In the tabs at the top, click "Edit listing," then in the drop-down, click "Rooms."
  • Add, delete or preview rooms on your page.
  • Edit your room photos or descriptions by clicking "edit room details."
  • Choose from any of the images in your "Photo Gallery" to add to your room description. Check the box below the desired photo to assign it to your specified room.
  • To edit your rates, click on the "Room Rates" page
  • Update your rate information. The lowest and highest rates will show as a range at the top of the page.