Want to participate in the Inn of the Month program, but have questions or concerns? Read these FAQs.


How much does it cost to be the Inn of the Month?

Because this is an auction, there is no set amount. A minimum bid is provided, and bids increase in increments of $10.

If my property is the Inn of the Month, will I be the first property listed on my city page?

Yes, your current property listing will move to the top position on the page, and will appear in a highlighted box just under the city name.

Can I be Inn of the Month in any city?

You may only be the Inn of the Month in cities in which you have listings. If you are participating in the BedandBreakfast.com Secondary Listing program, you may participate in the Inn of the Month program in your primary listing city as well as any secondary listing cities where you have purchased a listing. You will need to place a separate bid for each city in which you are interested in being the Inn of the Month. When you log in to place your bid, you will see a separate bidding box for each of your available cities.

What are "secondary listings"?

Secondary listings allow you to list your property in a city other than where your property is physically located, which is known as your primary listing. Secondary listings are allowed for nearby cities only and are available at 50% off of the primary listing price. Secondary listings must be at the same membership level as your primary listing.

When does the bidding close?

All bidding is done online; bidding for any given month will close at 12 noon Mountain Time on the last calendar day of the previous month. As long as the bid is raised within 2 minutes of the close of the Auction by the minimum increment, the bidding will still be live until a bid is accepted and not raised within the next 2 minutes, at which time the auction will be closed and there will be a winner.

Can I add a marketing message?

Yes, the cost includes a two-line marketing message that will encourage potential guests to view your website and/or listing. You can change your marketing message at any time.

How will I know the amount of traffic I'm generating due to my Inn of the Month listing?

By logging in to your Home Base, you'll be able to view accurate traffic statistics for your Inn of the Month ad.

If I place a bid and someone outbids me, how will I know?

BedandBreakfast.com will email you whenever you are outbid by another innkeeper. If you do not wish to be sent an email every time this happens, you may select the option that prevents these email updates from being sent.

Can I link my Inn of the Month ad to my own website?

Yes, Silver, Gold and Platinum level members can link from their Inn of the Month ad to their own website. If you prefer, you can also link the ad to your BedandBreakfast.com listing.

Can Bronze level members link their Inn of the Month ad to their own website?

Sorry, only Silver, Gold and Platinum members are able to link to their own website.

When is the best time to bid to be the Inn of the Month?

This is an individual decision, based on your own needs and occupancy. During slower periods, using an Inn of the Month ad to attract additional attention is an effective marketing strategy. You can also use an Inn of the Month ad to drive additional traffic to your website during the summer vacation months, by bidding only during July and August. On the other hand, if your occupancy is over 90% occupancy during the October foliage period, it would probably not be worth the investment. In short, you can bid to become the Inn of the Month for your city every month, for just selected months, or only once or twice a year.

Can I call BedandBreakfast.com to place my bid for the Inn of the Month?

No, this is a fully automated program and requires your online participation. BedandBreakfast.com will not place any bids on behalf of innkeepers for this program.

If I'm bidding throughout the month, will my credit card be charged?

No. BedandBreakfast.com will only approve your card for $1.00 to ensure the card number you have submitted is valid. Once the month's bidding cycle ends, if your bid is the highest that month, your credit card will be charged for the full, non-refundable bid amount on the first day of the month for which you have been bidding.

What happens if my membership is up for renewal the month I want to bid for Inn of the Month?

If your membership expires during the month you want to place a bid, you will need to renew your membership before you are allowed to place a bid. Click here to log in and renew your membership or contact us .