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1. Display beautiful photos

94% of travelers find photos "very important" or "won't book without them". Make a good impression by showing off large, clear and colorful photos from around your inn.

2. Request reviews from guests

60% of travelers rely on reviews to make their decision. If fact, 40% of travelers won't book without them. Put your guest feedback front and center so guests know why they should give you a try.

3. Let your location shine

Other than price, the most important factor in choosing an inn is location for over 80% of travelers. Clearly outline the benefits of visiting your area. Be sure to emphasize how close you are to the heart of it all - or how far away you are from the hustle and bustle.

4. Display your breakfasts and recipes

Half the name is "breakfast." Show off your culinary specialties and distinguish your inn from others by showcasing your best recipes. Attract foodie travelers from around the Internet and get potential guests excited about the experience available at your inn.

5. Make booking easy

Make it easy for your guests to book with you. Give the guest booking options on and off your website, make sure they can link directly to you from anywhere they find you, and give them the choice to see a full calendar of your availability.

List your property