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Popular Room Decor - Green room

If you are thinking about making improvements B&B, whether to make it more luxurious or just a little more modern, consider incorporating some of popular bedroom décor trends if you haven’t already.

Go Green: People all over the country, from Miami to San Francisco and from Scottsdale to Portland, are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. An increasing number travelers seek hotels and inns that also keep the environment in mind. There are many simple ways to go green, like asking guests to consider reusing towels and sheets. If you can afford to spend the money, you may want to invest in organic bedding, which is made without pesticides and toxic chemicals. You may also want to start using scent-free, chemical-free detergent on bedding and add recycle bins to the rooms.

Go Even Greener: In addition to “going green” in the environmental sense, if you are looking to update the rooms in your B&B, you should consider painting them. This year’s hottest hue? All shades of green. Whether you are looking at lime colors or dark forest greens, a new coat of paint can really spruce up (pun intended!) a drab room. And be sure to use environmentally safe paints, that won’t bring toxins or chemicals into your pristine B&B environment! You also don’t need to paint the entire room. “Statement walls” are a popular trend, too!

Add Electric Fireplaces: One way to make a guest’s stay more comfortable is to provide a room so wonderful that they hardly want to leave. Installing an electric fireplace makes the room cozy and invites guests to spend even more time relaxing in their room. A fireplace is often a room’s focal point, so adding one can really change the feel of the whole bedroom. Other than providing warmth and comfort, they serve an aesthetic function that brightens up a room.

Popular B&B room decor

Get New Bathrobes: Hopefully your B&B already offers guests complimentary bathrobes to use during their stay. But if you really want to make your guests feel like they are living in the lap of luxury, this is an easy, low-budget way to make a big impact. Pick out some really luxe robes to use in your bed and breakfast. Even if they are just cotton, offering your guest a new, soft, luxurious bathrobe is a great way to make them feel better than at home.

Offer Different Lighting Options: How many lamps or lights does your standard bedroom offer? Make sure your guests have plenty of options since lighting is one of the most important ways a room sets its tone and ambience. Dimmers are great options since they give plenty of choices to the guest, but also be sure you have bedside lamps and free standing lights throughout the room. While candles can provide nice lighting, they’re usually too risky.

Add Contrasting Textures: If you are choosing new drapes, pillows, or area rugs for your B&B bedrooms, keep in mind this new trend. Using contrasting textures, like a crushed velvet throw on a leather couch, makes all the textures stand out. It creates a luxe, high-end look that can be achieved on a relatively low budget. Even small accessories, a throw pillow or a mirror, can be used to accent the textures you already have.

These are just a few popular trends in B&B décor, but remember that part of what makes your B&B so special is that it’s unique. It’s important to find a balance between your style vs. modern trends.

Michelle Lim of Chicago Luxury Beds wrote this guest post to help innkeepers and B&B owners come up with new bedroom décor ideas for their inn or B&B.

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