We polled our members for their best innkeeping "hacks" or the tips and tricks that have made their life easier. Here are some of the best.

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Cleaning tips and tricks


Avoid water spots on brass faucets

Brass faucets"Rub WD40 on chrome or brass faucets to keep a coating on them to avoid water spotting and to keep them glowing and welcoming to use." And not only does WD40 keep water spots from forming but it also keeps finger prints away, leaving your faucets extra shining!

- Innkeepers at Bauers' Gilded Nest in Cambria, CA

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Use fresh lavender instead of fake air fresheners

Fresh Lavender

"I hate fake scented air fresheners...so before we start daily vacuuming, to refresh the output air - we vacuum a handful of lavendar buds or sweet annie herb...makes the house smell fresh, but not artificial."

- Innkeepers at High Meadows Vineyard Inn in Scottsville, VA

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Use vinegar as fabric softener

Soft Towells

"Vinegar makes a great eco-friendly fabric softener!" And not only is this more eco-friendly, but it is also way more cost effective than constantly buying new fabric softeners or dryer sheets. Not to mention you don't have to worry about your towels losing absorbency like chemical fabric softeners can often cause.

- Innkeepers at Camas Hotel in Camas, WA

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Breakfast tips and tricks


Preserve fresh squeezed juice

Orange orchard at Orange Blossom Hacienda

"We freeze our fresh-squeezed orange juice in ice cube trays so that way we have fresh RIPE orange juice all year long for our guests right from our own backyard. That way guests always get a little taste of our orange orchard."

- Innkeepers at Orange Blossom Hacienda in Queen Creek, AZ

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Pan fry bacon ahead of time

Orange orchard at Orange Blossom Hacienda

"I partially fry bacon ahead of time and refrigerate or freeze then bake it in the oven in the morning for 5-10 minutes to get perfectly crisp bacon."

- Innkeepers at Hilltop House Bed & Breakfast in Amenia, NY

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Inn management tips and tricks


Pre-printed self check-in notes

Late checkout notes

"Pre-printed self-check-in notes for each room. There are specific directions to each room. Each of the 7 rooms has it's own note. There's a blank at the top for me to write in the guest's name. Each note includes directions for where they can find their key. So if the guests are running late, or I'm in a pinch for time, I can just grab one of these pre-printed notes, fill in the guest's name, hide their key in the designated place, and presto. Win-win!"

- Innkeepers at Abbey's Lantern Hill Inn in Ledyard, CT

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Put guest names on their room door

Name on door

"Putting the guest's names on the door. (I print them out on pretty 8x10 paper) It makes them feel special and helps me to recall their names! The honeymoon couples always take them for a memento.....this makes them want to return on their anniversaries!"

- Innkeepers at The Garden Bed & Breakfast in Spring City, UT

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