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Google Analytics is a great (and free!) tool that can help track your business marketing activities and ROI. While there are lots of different things you can do with Google Analytics, you don’t need to get bogged down by all the bells and whistles. See how the "Flower Power B&B" has used the basics of Google Analytics to better their business.

Summer sale

Watch Unique Visitors to identify seasonality patterns

Flower Power B&B wanted to see the seasonality of when travelers are visiting their website so they know when the best time is to run their summer promotion. To do so, in Google Analytics they look at Unique Visitors. This stat is helpful in determining seasonality trends. After looking at Unique Visitors, they realized that the bulk of their visitors drop off the first week in September. Therefore, they decided that this is the best time to drive additional traffic to their B&B with an end of summer promotion.

Google Ad

Get the best bang for your buck with Traffic Sources

Flower Power B&B wanted to know how their various advertising listings were performing. They also wanted to know if they should purchase pay-per-click ads through Google or Yahoo! So they looked at the top Traffic Sources to their website through Google Analytics. They realized that Google was their #1 traffic source, followed by This led them to advertise on Google and continue to advertise with

Traveler searching

Know the Top Performing Content for your editorial calendar

Flower Power B&B posts in a weekly blog on their site. They were debating whether to write their next post about summer weddings OR local winery tours. After looking at the Top Content on Google Analytics, they saw that their previous posts about making wine, harvesting grapes and day trips for travelers performed the best. Knowing that this content has been the most popular content, they decided to write another post on local winery tours.

Traveler Searching

Use Geography/Location to decide on translations

The innkeepers at the Flower Power B&B knew from years of experience that they had many guests from Europe. They were considering translating their website into either Spanish or French but could only do one. In looking at the Geography/Location of travelers that come to their website, they realized that the majority of international traffic to their website was from Mexico, Spain, and Central America. This led them to make the decision to translate their site into Spanish for the first go round.

While Google Analytics offers a LOT of helpful information, if you’re just getting started, don’t get overwhelmed by all of the details. For more help using Google Analytics, refer to Google’s robust training resources.


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