1. Property management systems save you time.

Streamlining operations with a PMS can dramatically reduce the time you spend sending confirmation emails, comparing calendars, or calculating peak-season revenue to figure out how to adjust your average nightly rate.

With a strong PMS, the hours you spent every week crunching numbers are now yours to put back into your business, whether that’s serving your guests or building referral relationships with local restaurants.


2. Property management systems get your inn in front of new guests.

Any property management system worth its salt will include the tools you need to share your inn with a wider audience of potential guests. These distribution opportunities allow you to list your inn on sites like bedandbreakfast.com, where guests are actively searching for accommodations in your area, without having to update two systems.

This is a win-win for innkeepers, who can secure more bookings with less effort, and guests, who book online through a trusted travel site.

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3. Property management systems help you offer more to your guests, with less work.

A good property management system will also include marketing tools that help you turn first-time guests into returning guests, like automated reminder emails, package creation for guests’ anniversaries or birthdays, and a system in which you can sell and manage gift cards.

4. Property management systems provide peace of mind.

Cloud-based property management systems like RezOvation Web eliminate your risk of losing reservations or important financial data if your computer crashes. They also allow you to manage your inn anytime, anywhere, on a computer or smartphone.

Property management systems that follow the latest PCI Compliance standards also protect your guests’ credit card information while still allowing you to collect deposits, final payments, or incidental charges as needed.


For more information about RezOvation Web, visit rezovation.com. RezOvation is the industry leader in innkeeper software, providing property management systems, online reservations, and other services for the hotel, inn, and B&B market.