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  • Guest room4.6
  • Service4.5
  • Value4.6
  • Cleanliness4.5
  • Onsite Dining4.4

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A+ Success Story - Sejour Linguistique, Sleep and City Sightseeing Tour

5 on May 15, 2012

I wanted to offer my wife and myself an exciting and origional cultural vacation package and this learning vacation opportunity was definately top notch. My wife and I signed up for ten hours of French classes during our week staying with our lovely bilingual and brilliant hostess. Not only did we laugh and learn while trying to pronounce 'rue' and 'fromage', but our teacher took us on a private sightseeing tour of some of the city's most secret sites. We were pleasantly surprised and felt very fotunate to have heard about this amazing vacation experience from my boss, who had himself took language lessons with the hostess for a month and came back fully fluent. The area was very pleasing, elegant and brimming was authentic French charm. The apartment was truly magnificant. My wife and I have never been students in such a luxurious classroom setting before. A+ for the teacher and the place to sleep!

Learn French in High Style in a Glamourous Neighborhood

5 on May 15, 2012

Paris conjures up images of style, design, romance and love. My stay at the Eiffel Tower Bed and Breakfast lived up to all of these standards! The hostess has been teaching English and French in Paris for over seventeen years and has a Masters Degree in French History from the Sorbonne University. I had the delightful chance of learning French during my stay with her. My stay was part of a - Paris Sejour Linguistique - package deal. I took twenty hours of French classes with her and fell in love with her patience, friendliness, teaching style and sense of humour. I really felt like this was the very best way to explore Paris - from the perspective of a real Parisian. She taught me fun and useful vocabulary words, tidbits about French habits and interesting perspectives of the French economic and political system. We even read some famous French literary - text extracts - together. I definately had a great time. In addition, the neighborhood was 100 percent top. Terrific restaurants and terrific shops. I would definately recommend this study abroad bed and breakfast program to everyone who wants to learn French in high style!

An Excellent Price / Quality Package

5 on May 12, 2012

This bed and breakfast is an exemplary place to stay in one of Pari's most exclusive neighborhoods. It is TWO metro stations away from the Eiffel Tower (a two minute train ride) in situated in a neighborhood with beautiful Hausmanian architecture. Du to the very very high price of a two bed room flat in this neighborhood...it is a true miracle that the owner is able to offer her guests such luxurious surroundings at such a very very low price. She is practically giving her rooms away, as the hotels in the neighborhood are double the price and much much less charming. I felt very very lucky to stay with her and hear abotu all her fabulous stories of living in Paris. The apartment was exceptionaly clean, full of sunlight and very very quiet and calm. Really a great place to relax and take a breakl during your stay.

No bed and no breakfast

1.8 on May 01, 2012

The good: The apartment looks mostly like in the pictures. The space is light and airy, but only the orchids are real. (There is no balcony, btw) The beds are comfortable and clean. This location is a 5 min walk to a metro station, a bakery and large grocery store. Ample lighting and furniture. The bad: A week before my trip I was told to call her cleaning lady to arrange a check in time, even though she doesn't speak English. Why couldn't the owner have taken the information and called her herself? 2 days before I left she emailed me to tell me I was double booked. I had to find a hotel last minute. While there is a dishwasher it seems like whoever was in the B&B before me just used it to house their dirty dishes for over a week. I spent some of my time scrubbing dirty dishes and cleaning out a horrific smelling refrigerator. (Why is there a 30 euro cleaning fee?) The bathroom and toilet are not private. During my stay there was no: hairdryer, working clothes dryer, internet access, phone access, computer, or working cable. This location is NOT close to the Eiffel Tower or the Champs Elysees. You could not walk to either location in under 30 mins. By far though the worst thing was that I was double-booked twice! For the last night the owner agreed to refund me the if I agreed to sleep on the couch. The new guests were a family of four; the last night I stayed there this small 2 bedroom flat was occupied by 8 people. I feel like this stay would have been very different if the owner had been available. Whenever I did get a response it was often short and answered few of my questions.If you are considering choosing this B&B only because the owner speaks English I would say reconsider. All of the other guests found it very difficult to get in touch with the owner (for me, impossible, since my phone doesn't work overseas and pay phones only take phone cards). My experience of this bed and breakfast was more akin to a youth hostel, but at triple the price.

Innkeeper Response
Unfortunately, this guest arrived during the COUPLE of days where my cell phone and my internet connection were broken and getting fixed. But there are TWO internet cafes around the corner!! This same guest did not have to sleep on the couch. I offered to pay for a hotel room for her in the neighborhood. She ASKED ME to sleep on the couch because she knew that a hotel at that price would have been less pleasant and less luxurious, if one even existed, and she had let another UNPLANNED guest into my flat without my permission, creating the problem herself. The other guest that got let into the apartment actually got upgraded to a VERY LARGE AND MAGNIFICANT FIVE STAR PRIVATE FLAT but never had any access to her email in the Southeast Asian countryside - or telephone- in order to find out about the new arrangement and contact me to confirm her set check in time and learn about the check in procedure to follow. When she arrived late into the evening, after not having confirmed her check in time with me - where I could have informed her about the change and her good luck about being upgraded to very very big magnificant private flat of her own, the guest in the other bedroom let her in without contacting me or asking me what to do. A cleaning lady and myself spent 20 hours cleaning the TWO bedroom flat during her stay. Just a reminder that a PRIVATE ROOM IN A FLAT in the 16th of the standing of this flat cannot be found anywhere in the 16TH for under 150 to 250 euros, so this is NOTHING LIKE a YOUTH HOSTEL EXPERIENCE where you arre in a bad or dangerous neighborhood away from the nice architecture and shops and share a room with 6 to 10 people for ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME PRICE. I think this yound clothing store salesgirl has no inkling of French real estate prices and has no idea about what she had. Next time she will try the youth hostel experience and see the REAL DIFFERENCE.

- Sharon (innkeeper)

More than just a room!

4.6 on April 06, 2012

Regarding my stay in March 2012 I can only say, "Magnificent". The accommodations are wonderful and a tremendous value, but the unseen benefit is your hostess, Sharon. After a difficult journey simply reaching Paris (strictly an airline issue), Sharon was accommodating and welcoming. She took the time to point out nearby places to eat and sight-see. She went so far as to call me in the evening to offer additional ideas on some Paris insider locations and be sure I was finding my way. There are several places within a few minutes walk for meals, pastries, coffee and drinks. Walking this beautiful area is a treat in itself so I highly recommend it. Finally, as for traveling in, I recommend Taxi if you carry luggage, but a Metro stop is only 5 minutes and easy to navigate for touring during your stay.

Definately my first choice next time

5 on March 12, 2012

It was a very pleasant stay at Sharon's place. The location was perfect, not far away from subway station Jasmin, easy to find, with lots of bakeries, cafés and restaurants in 3 Minutes walk, nice neighborhood and very quiet. The paintings in the living room are very impressive, also the decorations are simple and elegant. If you need refrigerator and microwaves, it is in the kitchen. Sharon has not only a good taste, but she really talks to you, share your feelings about Paris. Definitely my first choice if I visit Paris next time, not to mention how competitive the price is.

Magnificant Eiffel Tower Bed and Breakfast Paris 16

5 on October 03, 2011

My two sisters and I stayed in this very elegant and charming Eiffel Tower bed and breakfast for two weeks in order to celebrate our birthdays. We were very impressed with the kindness and friendliness of our hostess, a young and lovely American, who greeted us with a big smile, a giant frosted chocolate cake and steaming expressos in order to celebrate. She went out of her way to make us feel at home and welcome. Our bedroom was very pretty and decorated with great class: high quality bed sheets and artistic pillows, a giant French floor to ceiling window and gorgeous French curtains. There dozens of trees and vibrant and abundant flowers on our balcony when we arrived, as well as all over the apartment, which made us feel like we were staying in a sunny garden in the heart of a very glamorous city neighborhood wiith endless shopping and things to do. The bedroom is bathed in direct sunlight for most of the day and was a very pleasant place to unwind after a long days walk around the city. The flat was about a five minute walk from a delicious bakery as well as several tasty neighborhood restaurants. Bed and Breakfast Paris 16 is a seven minute metro ride from the Champs Elysee/Arc de Triomph (just three metro stops away) as well as fifteen minute metro ride from the Latin Quarter (just six metro stops away). Bed and Breakfast Paris 16 is only a fifteen minute walk from the Seine River and the Seine Champagne Boat and Dinner Cruises. There was a bus that took as directly to Montmartre/Sacre Coeur as well. Bed and Breakfast Paris 16 was really an ideal place to stay and I would highly recommend it to all travelers. It is impossible to find such a great deal in Paris. The quality of Bed and Breakfast Paris 16 is much higher than the price travelers pay to stay there. I give this bed and breakfast five stars. Bed and Breakfast paris 16 is an outstanding bed and breakfast in the heart of Paris.

Outstanding Vacation Experience in the Heart of Luxury!

4.8 on July 22, 2011

Sharon's apartment is truly amazing! She has excellent taste in everything as seen in all of the details of our room: Luxury bedsheets, blankets, pillows, mattresses, the level of cleanliness, and her suptuous floral boquets, etc. While Sharon is a trained Financial Analyst and University Teacher, she certainly has a very artistic side to her character! Colorfull paintings aboud in all of the rooms and bright colors are found everywhere! Even the breakfast was very plentifull and delicious! She served us pineapple, grapefruit, oranges, melon, kiwi, yoguert, hot chocolate, croissants, baguettes, oatmeal, and of course french espresso. She was also very helpfull. She took time to sit down with us over a very exquisite glass of wine and tell us about the most interesting places to visit in the city. Her flat is just under the Eiffel Tower and is located in the heart of one of the city's most elegant neighborhoods. There are dozens of terrific restaurants and shops just under your nose! She really treated us like royality and we enjoyed every minute of our stay in Bed and Breakfast Paris 16!

Eiffel Tower Bed and Breakfast Paris 16


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