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Good Stay at Castle Inn B&B Romantic Retreat (Circleville, Ohio)

4.6 reviewed on December 16, 2013

This was my first stay at a B&B so I'm not terribly experienced. With that said it was a great value and a wonderful stay. A tasty breakfast was ready for us and the rooms were decorated nicely. I would recommend this B&B

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Outstanding hospitality! at Castle Inn B&B Romantic Retreat (Circleville, Ohio)

5 reviewed on June 04, 2013

My husband and I stayed at the castle this past weekend with my husband and we had such a wonderful time! Patty was great.. her French toast is amazing. Yeah, the building isn't in perfect condition but what 100 year old building is? It had SUCH character and the décor in our room was great.. love the antiques! We'll definitely be recommending this place!

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Disappointed at Castle Inn B&B Romantic Retreat (Circleville, Ohio)

1.4 reviewed on April 22, 2013

The pictures on webpage are not accurate to current condition. Windows are single pane and the wood is rotting out around them. The front porch is falling in and not accessible. There was a huge hole in the roof of the carport on the side. Windows were cracked and one was actually missing! A round one in the front. Electrical cover was missing on one outlet I saw. One window had been shoot and had a hole. It didn't even have clear tape over the hole to cover it. Windows in honeymoon suite are blocked (one by both a desk and love seat). Probably afraid that if someone pushes on the window it will fall out and so will you! The other window sits behind a jacuzzi and has a wooden painted peice in front of it that is warped and falling apart. Room was cold. Has a neat broken tile floor design until you relize how sharp the pieces of tile are. Someone could cut their foot on the edges if not careful. Homemade ice is kept in ziplock bags in a freezer on the second floor. Goodies in basket were fruit snacks(2 small packs) potato chips (2 small bags), popcorn (1 bag) and water (2 bottles). All Aldi brand! Not refilled either. Microwave (single one for guest to share) is also on second floor. It's on top of a common fridge for all the guest to share. I didn't feel comfortable using it, so we avoided The train tracks are horrible at night. No mention anywhere on the website about that. They seemed to go by every hour at night. My husband paid for a rose, box of fine chocolates, and rose petals on the floor... Fake rose, small box of Russell Stover assorted chocolates and silk rose petals. I understand the fake petals, but a fake long stem rose? A 10 piece mixed Russell Stover box? Not worth the price tag that comes with it. Hostess spent time apologizing for storm damage as stated by multiple signs throughout building. Much of damage was evident it wasn't from a storm, but from lack of maintenance, neglect, or no one caring for some time.

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Save your money - go somewhere else! at Castle Inn B&B Romantic Retreat (Circleville, Ohio)

1.4 reviewed on April 10, 2013

My husband and I were looking for a quick getaway for our anniversary and Castle Inn was a good location for us. From the website it looked beautiful and the higher price than other places I have stayed led me to have high expectations for a night of luxury. I was so disappointed. When we arrived I was disappointed by the dusty, uncared-for feel of the house. We were led to our room, where we discovered it was in the process of being redone! I had not been told this when I made the reservation, or I would have chosen a different room. Our 'romantic dinner' (extra $50) was done on the cheap. Iceburg lettuce, pre-made entrees, and a 'Coke' that was a generic brand. We paid an extra $50 to have flowers, candles lit in our room, and dessert served there. Imagine my surprise when the flowers were the kind you can buy at a grocery store for $6, the dessert was cheesecake that came from a sampler, and the candles were in one large candle holder, instead of all over the room (which was the image the description led me to imagine). The ventilation in the room was poor and there weren't any fans, so when we used the jacuzzi the whole room steamed up and we never were able to cool down. The bed was uncomfortable, and to top it off both my husband and I ended up with food poisoning. The breakfast was also poorly cooked, but by then we weren't surprised, we just packed up and left. I've never left a place so angry - I think what made it worse was the outrageous price for such low quality.

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Great Experience at Castle Inn B&B Romantic Retreat (Circleville, Ohio)

5 reviewed on April 09, 2013

My husband and I recently took part in one of their monthly murder mysteries and it was a fantastic experience. The staff was very friendly, the inn was very clean, and the food was delicious. We're townies, but would recommend this inn to anyone passing through! We will definately be back

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Very Happy Customer at Castle Inn B&B Romantic Retreat (Circleville, Ohio)

4.8 reviewed on March 06, 2012

My wife and I have five children and a dog that we were looking forward to taking a break from just for a relaxing weekend. My wife and I had the best time ever this weekend. We could not have asked for a better experience. Our great experience began with my first phone call to the Castle Inn. They were so pleasant and upbeat about the Castle that I was very impressed and excited after our first phone call. The communication through phone calls and e-mails was fantastic. We felt very comfortable upon our arrival due to the great communication and information given prior to our arrival. When we arrived Friday evening we were greeted by Anita who was very pleasant and gave us a warm cozy greeting. We were very impressed by the tour given to us by Anita and the information she shared with us. Saturday morning breakfast was fabulous. The Apple French Toast is out of this world. Saturday night we had a candle light dinner in the parlor. My wife said it was perfect. We were so impressed with the service Anita gave us and the food once again was unbelievable. Sunday morning we met Larry at breakfast and he was very friendly and courteous to us. We were very comfortable with him and breakfast again was great. We loved our cozy room and the decor of the castle as well. We could not have asked for a better experience.

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Birthday celebration at Castle Inn B&B Romantic Retreat (Circleville, Ohio)

1.4 reviewed on December 28, 2011

We stayed at this B&B to celebrate my husband's birthday. I told the reservationist that it was my husband's birthday, told the innkeeper the night we arrived, but the next morning(on his birthday), nothing was said to him! We have stayed at approximately 20 B&B's and this by far was the worst!!! The breakfast was horrific!!!! The first morning we were given eggs, potatoes, frozen sausage links and exactly 3 halves of an english muffin. Not even a whole muffin for each of us! Once the food was placed on the table, no one ever came back to ask how was everything or if we needed anything! Most B&B's actually SERVE their guests, not just place food in front of them! We stayed here 2 nights and I didn't necessarily want or expect my linens and sheets to be changed. However, I did expect my bed to be made! Our bed was never made and the innkeepers never asked once if there was any thing we needed! They were "invisible" throughout our stay except for when we decided to go for dessert on our 2nd night and put our bags in the car as we went out. Ironically, a "guest" saw us leaving with our bags and took it upon themselves to tell the innkeepers that we checked out! We came back at 10:30pm and both innkeepers along with this "guest" were in our room tearing apart the bed and taking out the linens!!!! Seriously, they didn't make our bed all day long, but we leave for an hour and they think we left in the middle of the night? How rude!!!! It was uncomfortable to say the least! Our room was just O.K., not great and the curtain rod holding up the curtains was literally being held up with one nail! It looked like the whole thing was going to come crashing down any minute! I warn anyone who is looking at this website. I also thought it looked beautiful and was excited to stray there. Be careful!

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Easter Weekend Getaway at Castle Inn B&B Romantic Retreat (Circleville, Ohio)

4.4 reviewed on May 10, 2011

When we went to visit my husbands family in Circleville over the Easter weekend we stayed at the castle and it was fantastic! very personal service (Anita was fantastic!) and tasty breakfast! yes, its an old building.. but thats what gives it character! we've stayed at several b&b's and this one was top notch.. we'll be back for sure!

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Awesome Weekend at Castle Inn B&B Romantic Retreat (Circleville, Ohio)

4.4 reviewed on March 04, 2011

Stayed for the Murder Mystery. Had a great time. We laughed all evening. Staff went above and beyond to make us feel at home and wanted. Will go back for another weekend stay.

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Not What It Appears at Castle Inn B&B Romantic Retreat (Circleville, Ohio)

1.4 reviewed on February 22, 2011

The website, pictures, reservationist/owner, are not what they appear to be. We have stayed in a lot of B&B's over the past 25 years and this has been our only bad experience. The castle is in dire need of repair and upkeep. Our room was dirty, worn, and in disrepair. The double headed shower is NOT what you envision. The elegant private massage room is a storage room...etc. This is a very expensive place to stay and your money is pay in full when making your reservation and your card is charged immediately. Beware of this one, please!

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Outstanding! at Castle Inn B&B Romantic Retreat (Circleville, Ohio)

5 reviewed on January 17, 2011

This was my first Bed and Breakfast, and it exceed my expectations by far. I was driving from Virginia to Columbus with my wife, who thought we were spending the night in Columbus. We arrived at the castle under the guise of taking pictures with the unique architecture, and Larry and Anita were in on it the whole time. They gave my wife, who was completely oblivious, a tour of the whole castle. The tour ended in our room, which Larry had sneaked our bags in through the back door. My wife was astonished! They nailed the surprise dead on! We arranged to stay on the third floor, but after taking the tour, we decided to change to the Princess Room. With the exception of the Honeymoon suite, the rooms on the third floor do not have any windows. The Princess Room, on the other hand, had a huge bay window area that lit up the room. It also had a huge bathroom. Anita lit a gas fireplace for us and helped set the ambiance. Anita and Larry were outstanding, too...always eager to help. Anita is an incredible cook for both breakfast and dinner. The food was as good as any I have ever had on a cruise ship. The room was great, and we decided to spend most of the day in the room. The parlor was also quaint, so we spent alot of time down there during the day. I had high expectations for this place, and they blew those expectations out of the water. There is danger in overhyping anything, but I firmly believe that if you are looking for a bed and breakfast in the Hocking Hills or Columbus areas, this one should be at the top of your list. Additionally, you may be able to find some coupons through or other sites. Highly, highly, highly recommend this place!

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Wonderful Getaway at Castle Inn B&B Romantic Retreat (Circleville, Ohio)

4.0 reviewed on May 23, 2010

This was our 1st wedding anniversary and it could not have any better. The inkeepers were so wonderful. Jay and Samantha took care of all our needs. The castle is cozy and charming. The food was good, the rooms were very clean and decorated nice. This would be great for weddings and other events. I have been an event planner for 10 year, I would recommend the Castle to everyone.

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Awesome Experience at Castle Inn B&B Romantic Retreat (Circleville, Ohio)

4.2 reviewed on October 19, 2009

Stayed for our 15th Wedding Anniversary! Had special requests that the owner and innskeeper graciously handled. I would recommend this inn for all who desire a "Special" weekend. JT

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