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  • [Resource Id: prop_reviewsguestroom, Set: propertyview]4.0
  • [Resource Id: prop_reviewsservices, Set: propertyview]5
  • [Resource Id: prop_reviewsvalue, Set: propertyview]4.5
  • [Resource Id: prop_reviewscleanliness, Set: propertyview]5
  • [Resource Id: prop_reviewsdining, Set: propertyview]4.5

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Amazing view. Convenient location.

4.6 [Resource Id: on, Set: propertyview] June 20, 2017

We spent 2 nights in this classic, small, and cozy hotel. Miranda is such a gentle and heart-warming lady. Hot breakfast, cleaned bedroom, and warm living room made us felt like home. It locates at the centre of the little island with walking distance to many stores, ans is so convenient that during the day we could go back to the inn at anytime. And, most of all, just standing at the front porch, the beautiful ocean is right there for you to see. It was a very enjoyable trip.

fabulous stay at the INN

4.6 [Resource Id: on, Set: propertyview] October 02, 2009

The inn has beautiful rooms, excellent treatment from the inn keeper and the food was delicous. definiltey a must stay bed and breakfast and i will stay there again.

Harbour Lights Inn

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  • [Resource Id: nightlyrate, Set: quicksnapshot] $CAD 85 - $CAD 139
  • [Resource Id: reviews, Set: quicksnapshot] (2) 4.6
  • [Resource Id: inquiry_roomstitle, Set: propertyview] 9

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  • [Resource Id: contact_phone, Set: propertyview] 1-7098842763
  • Fax 1-7098845113
  • Mobile 1-7098848838
  • [Resource Id: propv2_tollfree, Set: propertyview] 1-8778842763

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