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a quaint and cute place to to stay at The Afton House Inn (Afton, MN)

5 reviewed on August 05, 2016

very nice place to stay .lots to do. nice having the restaurants so close by. great food ,bare was nice. frienldy staff and great service

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Jucuzzis and table-side dining for a memorable night! at The Afton House Inn (Afton, MN)

5 reviewed on February 18, 2015

We did the table-side cooking for all courses and this lost art really turns the night into such a memorable experience. We did the table-side ceasar salad, the table-side flaming steak diane and the table-side flaming cherries jubilee. All amazing. A night we will remember forever. If you're in a relationship you must bring your partner here for dinner and then stay overnight in rooms 1 through 8 which are the newest rooms all with a double jucuzzi in the room.

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For as long as they have been in business, I expected them to set the standard of customer expectations at The Afton House Inn (Afton, MN)

1.6 reviewed on September 22, 2014

The employees were very nice and friendly, but the entire experience was not what we expected. The room was sweet and had a romantic feel, but it was not clean. it hadn't been dusted regularly, there were cobwebs all over the walls - the thick ones that cluster together along the walls (not the top corners of the walls, but behind the bedside table). something fell under the bedside table and when I went to retrieve it my hand came back very dirty. The floor lamp bases were covered in dust - the thick kind.... and the ceiling fan blades were coated with grime... The grout on the bathroom floor was stained, and I have no idea what it could have been, but I never took my shoes off in the bathroom... One family in our party attempted to use their Jacuzzi tub for bubble baths - the first person had a nice bath, then the water was brown and had rusty sediment in it for the next person.... VERY disappointing!!! We stayed two nights and the room was not cleaned - I had to call and ask for this to be done, and then they only offered clean towels. I had to tell them I wanted it cleaned...... in the main lobby there is a beautiful spiral staircase was covered with dirt and dust and spider webs.. The obvious cleaning was done, but the extra steps were not taken to ensure cleanliness. Breakfast was yummy. We made reservations at Current for dinner..... after an hour we finally were served food - appetizers were served with the main course..... server never asked if how our food was.... charges were not done correctly.... our family had recommended both the Inn and the restaurant, but we will not make any effort to return to either.

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Great get away at The Afton House Inn (Afton, MN)

4.6 reviewed on June 28, 2013

My wife and I were looking for a place to get away that was close to the twwin cities for our anniversary. It needed to be quiet, clean, be "not just a hotel room", romantic and have good food and things to do close by. Afton Inn fulfilled all these things with flying colors! It is a old and new establishment with a great resturant, shops, nearby river and state park. Afton is a small community and has just enough things to make it seem not too far from the city, but be close enough to not have to drive too far. The room was great, with jacuzzi. large bathroom and comfortable bed with lots of space for stretching out and relaxing. The dining choices went from casual and outside to a great themed formal dining room with all the choices of food and wine one would want. They also have a wine bar and outside seating (with live music on saturdays). We would recommend this to anyone that wants a simple place to go and unwind and not feel like they are at a hotel.

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Great location at The Afton House Inn (Afton, MN)

4.4 reviewed on June 05, 2013

We enjoyed the location and were very impressed upon arrival. My only two issues were the noise of the air conditioner and the bed transmitted all movements. Service was amazing. Building was beautiful. I couldn't believe how clean the room was!

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It felt like a hotel, not a B&B at The Afton House Inn (Afton, MN)

2.2 reviewed on August 22, 2010

BACKGROUND: We love staying in B&B's. Therefore, when Afton House Inn appeared on LivingSocial for a Friday night stay and dinner cruise, we decided to purchase and give the inn a try. We called to make a reservation only to find out that the coupon was only valid for certain rooms. Additionally, there was an extra $40 charge for the dinner cruise because it was a comedy night. These restrictions and additions were not stated in the fine print. We were extremely unhappy with the misleading, inaccurate, and incomplete fine print. ROOM: We ended up staying in the Erickson room - 44. The only positives were the jacuzzi and fireplace. The bed was hard; the comforter was full of crumbs. Our "skylight" was literally a 12" x 12" sky hole over the bed. Even so, it still provided light... in the morning when you're trying to sleep - the bed was the brightest part of the room! The Erickson room was also located on the road side. Traffic was loud, and the patio consisted of two chairs and a table overlooking the street. Not only did you get traffic noise, the air conditioner was loud and right next to the bed. Additionally, the room was located on the first floor in a busy hall - you could hear everyone as they walked by. The shower was a joke - we felt like we were in Europe - it was tiny. SERVICE: The staff interaction was similar to that at a hotel. We checked in and we checked out. They never went out of their way. CRUISE: The Duchess was a nice boat. We enjoyed the scenery. Dinner was nothing to rave about - it tasted like any average buffet. Drink service during dinner was incredibly slow. The comedians had their moments, but it was a bit raunchy for our taste. Plus, if you don't want to get ridiculed in front of everyone, don't sit in the front row. FOOD: Breakfast in the morning was served in the Catfish Saloon. It was your standard hotel continental breakfast.

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The Wonderful Afton Inn at The Afton House Inn (Afton, MN)

5 reviewed on July 28, 2009

We were very impressed with the Inn, the staff, the food, etc... We will definitely recommend the inn to others. If I remember right, Penny was the name of the girl at front desk, was very helpful and accommodating. We arrived hours early & she got us checked in at 11:15 a.m. I believe the name of the waitress who took care of us for hours, was Carrie. She was the best. The whole staff was great. I used to be a F&B manager, along with a waitress for years. No complaints here. Food was also great. My whole family agrees.

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Wheel Room-AWESOME FOOD! at The Afton House Inn (Afton, MN)

4.0 reviewed on July 27, 2009

When we arrived at the Inn, the staff was very helpful. Very quiet which was nice. We had dinner in the wheel room and the food was fantastic! A few negatives included the "old man" smell in the room. I think the bedding and carpet need to be replaced and that would take care of the smell. The sheets were not soft at all and the comforter just looked gross! We had a skylight in our room right above our our bed which made sleeping in uncomfortable. Breakfast was great!

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24 hour rejuvination at The Afton House Inn (Afton, MN)

4.0 reviewed on February 27, 2009

Cozy, comfortable room and bed- great view- excellent dinner- romantic decor- close to Twin Cities- loved the jacuzzi and fireplace

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February Stay at The Afton House Inn (Afton, MN)

3.6 reviewed on February 16, 2009

We stayed at the Afton house inn in February as part of our weekend ski trip. It was great being so close to Afton Alps but if you are going to stay at the Inn, make sure to get a room in the new part. We had room 1 and it was great as long as there was no one in the room above. It was very loud when they talked, walked around or used their hot tub. Otherwise our room was very nice. We had room 31 booked prior to our arrival and when we looked at the room, I don't think we could have put out our luggage and still been able to walk around but we were able to switch rooms thankfully. It looked like most of the rooms in the old part of the Inn are extremely small. The hotel itself is very charming and the breakfast was great. We did get room service one evening and the gal that brought the food was very nice. Other than that we didn't have much contact with the staff which was nice not to be bothered every time we went through the door. Overall I don't think we will go back unless it was on the way to someplace else.

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A beautiful place in winter and summer (I assume) at The Afton House Inn (Afton, MN)

4.4 reviewed on January 12, 2009

The Afton House was a great place to cozy up to the fireplace and forget about the cold outside. The food is great and each room has it's own charm. The balconies had a nice view of the frozen river that I would like to experience in the summer. This is a great inn for all seasons!

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pleasant accommodations for wedding at The Afton House Inn (Afton, MN)

3.8 reviewed on December 18, 2008

We had our wedding and reception in the Pennington Room. The staff was helpful in our preparation and everything went well. The guests enjoyed the food and accommodations.

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Afton House at The Afton House Inn (Afton, MN)

4.4 reviewed on December 18, 2008

Our stay was extremely enjoyable. the room was beautiful and welcoming. The staff was attentive and the restaurant was truly enjoyable.

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enjoyable stay at The Afton House Inn (Afton, MN)

4.0 reviewed on October 28, 2008

Wonderful stay, a great way to bring in my 40th birthday! :)

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Cozy at The Afton House Inn (Afton, MN)

3.2 reviewed on October 15, 2008

We stayed in one of their most inexpensive rooms which was small but very comfortable. This inn is in a very old building with a unique spiral staircase in the lobby.

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The perfect getaway at The Afton House Inn (Afton, MN)

5 reviewed on September 03, 2008

Wow, wow, wow is all I have to say. When we arrived in our room we had the romance package, which my husband suprised me with. The Jacuzzi and Fireplace was the perfect touch to a romantic evening. We had a wonderful dinner in the Wheel Room. You must try the table side steak diane, it was to die for. We will definately be back, thanks to all the staff for making our 10th anniversary memorable.

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The Afton House Inn at The Afton House Inn (Afton, MN)

4.0 reviewed on August 26, 2008

It was very nice. The hot tub waterfalls were broken and the shower doors were broken, but it was a very clean and friendly environment.

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Great stay at Afton House at The Afton House Inn (Afton, MN)

4.6 reviewed on May 30, 2008

We enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and the down to earth feeling. We willing definitely return!

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Exceeded Expectations at The Afton House Inn (Afton, MN)

4.0 reviewed on April 23, 2008

April 18, 2008 We throughly enjoyed our stay at the Inn and the Restaurant. We stayed in room 3 with the Waterfall heart shaped Jacuzzi. We especially like the jacuzzi salts that were provided along with the Chocolate Truffles. We attended the Wine Dinner in the Wheel Room which was so deicious and the wines were fabulous. We will definetely be coming back for another stay and will probably stay longer. Thanks for a great time and wonderful experience.

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