Content Guidelines: 


We reserve the right to remove any content contributed to this website by members or travelers which does not meet the following guidelines.

Traveler reviews and owner responses are the subjective opinions of the travelers and owners who posted the content. They are not our opinions and are not endorsed by us.We do not assume any obligation to investigate the accuracy of reviews or responses.

Eligibility Guidelines - To review a property, the traveler must meet the following requirements:

  • The traveler must be able to provide evidence of stay at the property being reviewed.
  • The traveler must validate his or her identity or email as requested when submitting the review.
  • A review may be written by any member of the reservation party.
  • Only one member of the reservation party for any one stay at a property may write a review.
  • A traveler may contact us through our web form if he/she wishes to update or remove their review.
  • The traveler must be at least 18 years of age.
  • An owner may not review his/her own property.

Owner or Member Responses to reviews: Owner or member Responses must be written by the owner or manager of the property or his/her authorized representative.

Content Guidelines – No user of this website may contribute any content (including, but not limited to property listings, reviews and responses) which violate the following guidelines:

  • The content must be directly related to its purpose. For example, property listing descriptions must relate to the property and information that would be useful to a traveler. Reviews of a property must focus on the traveler’s stay.
  • Avoid inappropriate content, including, but not limited to:
    • Personal information that can be used to identify or contact any person;
    • Promotional content that would promote other websites, businesses, services or products unaffiliated with this website;
    • Obscene, abusive, discriminatory or illegal content.
  • Reviews and responses should not disclose the physical location of the property or the rates charged by the owner or manager.
  • Content should be truthful and not misleading.
  • Users who post content must have all legal rights to the content they post.
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