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Silver River Adobe Inn
3151 W Main
Farmington, NM 87401
Phone: +1--5053258219
Toll-free: +1--8003829251

Diana, David and David and Heidi Hamlow


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Photo Album

Photo Album

Sun flowers loved by all and providing food for the birds welcome guests and winged creatures.Alice's Tea Party table borrowed for our dinning room with a view of the river, again.
We live in the high desert of northern New Mexico. Farmington has three rivers which become the San Juan River carrying 50% of New Mexico's surface flowing water, on its way to the Colorado River at Lake Powell.Our grandmother cottonwoods in their fall dress along the riverside of the B&B.
THe San Juan River, just below the cliff of the Silver River Adobe Bed and Breakfast seen through the grandmother cottowood tree standing thirty feet or more from her roots.Several elephants in our Cottonwood Room.
A view from the Cottonwood room window adding a bit of Egypt to the scene though this river is not the Nile. The scupture is an Egyptian symbol of the obelisk atop an elephant.
A duck out of the water, but it is close.  You can see our muddy river flowing in the background.
This is just one of the views we have of the San Juan River.The historical 1919 MacDonald Cottage. The cottage was elaborately renovated to the most modern 21st century expression in 2009, yet it maintains its historical warmth. A massive sandstone fireplace stands along one wall of the living room, which also has a semi-circular couch facing a large flat-screen TV and DVD player, and opens into a full kitchen and dining room. There is a queen bed in the master bedroom suite and two single beds in the upstairs bedroom and second sitting room.
Flowers as a welcoming introduction to the Silver River Adobe Bed and Breakfast.Sunset giving the orange glow of  autumn through the grandmother cottonwood tree. Our sun allows many colors through each day along the bluffs and with our sunrises and sunsets.
A covered patio to sit gazing at the San Juan River and the green of our hig desert and riverine enviornment.A guest for lunch as viewed from the dining room. Yea! January, 2011