Orange Bowl

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  • 1 Orange per 2 people
  • Optional: Blueberries, grapes, rasberries or other small fruit


  1. Using zester, start at top of orange and run zester to the bottom of orange to produce strips of organge peel. Repeat around the orange 4-6 times. Set aside and save zest for garnish.
  2. Slice a small portion of orange from each end to give a flat surface for orange to sit on. Then slice orange in half. With knife, loosen meat of orange by carving between meat and peel of orange all the way around the interior perimeter of the orange. With meat of orange loose, remove from peel and break at "seams" or cut the round into 4-6 pieces, like a pie.
  3. Set empty orange "bowl" on plate, loosely pile orange pieces back into bowl alone or combine with another fruit such as blueberries, grapes or rasberries. Serve.
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Orange Bowl