Top Haunted Locations to Visit in Baltimore

Baltimore has a rich and sometimes dark history marked by war and a great fire, and it's become known for being one of the nation's most haunted cities. Who doesn't like to indulge in the details of the eerie past and explore the realm of ghosts? Check out these hotspots for paranormal activity.

Edgar Allen Poe House and Museum

Famed poet and father of horror Edgar Allen Poe worked out of his home in Fells Point, Baltimore, where he wrote some of his first stories, including "Berenice" and "MS. Found in a Bottle." The house is located among the Amity Street row houses where Poe lived with his aunt and cousin for a few years during the 1830s. As you venture the small residence, you'll come across five rooms, including an entry room, three bedrooms and a kitchen (but no bathrooms). In the attic is where you'll find Poe's bedroom. Some say the home is haunted by "Mr. Eddie" - the writer himself - and others claim that they've seen the ghost of a woman walking the halls.

Westminster Church and Cemetery

Only a short walk form Poe's home, you'll find the Westminster Church Cemetery, where Poe's body is buried. Other notable gravestones belong to Col. James McHenry and Gen. Samuel Smith of the War of 1812. The hauntings purportedly began to occur in the mid-19th century after grave robbers stole cadavers to sell to the medical school at University of Maryland. Some report that they've seen the ghost of a uniformed man who would yell at them to leave, while others claim to have heard children in the midst of a game of peekaboo. If you're lucky, you may catch a glimpse of the spirit of a gray-vested man wandering about the headstones.

Hell House

This location's name says it all. The rubble and decay that once was the Roman Catholic seminary St. Mary's College, which closed in the 1970s due to low enrollment, has such a spooky aura to it that the locals dubbed it "Hell House." You'll come across torn-down buildings and collapsed staircases, but there is one structure still standing: a chapel-like cemetery missing its headstones and displaying a rotting shrine atop a case of stairs. You might also come across the ghost of a deranged groundskeeper.

The Admiral Fell Inn

This hotel is considered one of the most haunted in the United States. Ask the locals, and you'll hear stories of sailors' spirits floating about - the area was once home to a shipyard that often had sailors visit its many saloons and brothels. One particularly eerie story involves Hurricane Isabel of 2003. The hotel was evacuated, but one manager who stayed behind claimed that he heard talking, footsteps and the sounds of a party on the floor above. When they went to investigate, the floor was completely empty.

Hampton Mansion

The Hampton Mansion is a beautiful piece of Georgian architecture, not to mention its gorgeous gardens and Victorian-style interior decor. The home was owned by the Ridgely family for seven generations. While the mansion's newest owner, the National Park Service, insists there is no paranormal activity in the home, locals say otherwise. Some claim the ghost of Priscilla Ridgely strolls about, and some say the chandelier is haunted. Though it remains intact, it can be heard crashing to the floor as a sign that one of the home's dwellers will soon die. And keep an eye out for the ghost of Cygnet Swann, a young girl who once dreamt that she was being chased by a Grim Reaper-type figure before dying from illness.