Submit Your Best Breakfast Dish!

Third Annual Best B&B Breakfast Tournament

It’s that time of year! Time to submit your favorite breakfast recipe for our third annual Best Breakfast Tournament! Pictured is last year's winning dish, Lemon Souffle Pancakes with Blueberry Compote by the 1851 Maple Hill Manor in Springfield, KY.

The sweet to beat. Since the past two years' winning dishes and runners up have been sweet dishes, we're mixing it up and asking for ALL submissions to be sweet breakfast recipes.

How does the tournament work?

Submit your best sweet breakfast recipe by February 14, 2014. 2013 Best Breakfast will narrow the entries down to 32 entries, and a panel of guest judges will then narrow it down to the final 16. At the end of March, the "sweet" 16 will be voted on daily on the Facebook page until we have one winning recipe. The recipe must be for one dish and may include multiple recipes, like our 2013 winner's dish, Lemon Souffle Pancakes with Blueberry Compote. It may not be a full plate with multiple dishes though, french toast, scrambled eggs, and hashbrowns. Recipes will be judged on uniqueness, creativity, and visual appeal. Please note that the better the photo, the better your chances of progressing through the competition.

The judges panel from previous years consisted of nationally recognized travel and food writers, including: Anne Banas with Smarter Travel, Adrien Glover with Travel + Leisure, and Susannah Chen with YumSugar.

What is the prize?

The winning B&B will win bragging rights and lots of publicity! USA Today Best Years MagazineLast year, the winner and runners-up were featured in several national publications, including USA Today Best Years Magazine. One lucky Facebook voter will also win a $500 gift card for participating in the tournament.

With our panel of guest judges from various national websites and publications, we anticipate that the this year's winner and possibly runner-up will receive great publicity from the contest as well. Plus it's fun for everyone and showcases what you do best: breakfast!

How do you enter?

  • Add your recipe on Home base recipe page by logging into your Home Base.
  • Under the ‘Listing’ tab, select ‘Recipes’, then click ‘Add New Recipe.’
  • Add the ingredients and steps. Our system currently only allows for five steps, so if your recipe has more steps than this, please combine some of them (we hope to have a better system very soon!). It may not appear on the site immediately, so don’t worry if it takes a little time.
  • Once added, please email with subject line "Best Breakfast 2014 Entry".
  • Please include this information in your email to enter: Your inn’s name and location, the name of your recipe, and at least one great photo of the dish; it must be well-lit and high-resolution since it will be presented on our Facebook page.
  • Since a large portion of this contest is visual, be sure to get some great photos of your dish in order to really make an impact!

Contest is limited to members in the US and Canada.