2011 Awards Awards are given both annually and monthly. Annual awards encompass the best overall inns of the year for the US, Canada, and international properties. Monthly awards cover incredible inns that fall into niche categories. Winners are not ranked, but are listed alphabetically within each category.

Top 10
holiday B&Bs

Our December award names the most festive B&Bs.

Top 10 holiday B&Bs

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Best 2011:

Our choices for the top US B&Bs.

Best overall 2011: USA

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Best 2011:

The Canada B&Bs that topped our lists in 2011.

Best overall 2011: Canada

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Best 2011:

The world's best B&Bs in 2011. Check it out!

Best overall 2011: International

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Top 2011:

Inns that provide travelers with unique B&B experiences.

Top 2011: special categories

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Choice 2011

Our winner is chosen from polling over 2,000 travelers.

Top 10 luxurious B&B experiences

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All award winners before November 2011.

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