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Question: My wife is allergic to feathers, and I like to sleep with the windows open. How can we find a B&B that will meet our needs?

Answer:  Most innkeepers are happy to accommodate special needs, but for advice on the right questions to ask, read our B&B Tips  on finding allergy-free B&Bs.

For those with allergies and asthma conditions, multiple chemical sensitivities or environmental illnesses, travel can be pleasurable again, as innkeepers come through with low-allergen lodging. It's back to basics with everything from cleaning with vinegar to line-drying sheets for these B&Bs. Best of all, there’s no additional cost or surcharge for going green at these B&Bs. Count on a healthy and hearty breakfast, prepared by innkeepers who take dietary restrictions and healthy living seriously, and of course, smoke-free environments. B&Bs are listed alphabetically by state:

Bed and Bagels of Tucson, Tucson, AZ :This B&B recently went through an "allergy retro-fit" and now offers Saltillo tile floors, scent-free cosmetics, natural insecticides, and a promise of no fresh paint or carpeting odors. With the addition of all cotton bed linens, a chlorine filter in the shower, a switch to non-allergenic cleaning products, and stainless steel cookware, Bed and Bagel accommodates even those with the toughest of environmental and chemical sensitivities. 

Garratt Mansion, Alameda, CA :  To be certified by Alameda County as a green business, the inn's waste management, water, appliances, and cleaning supplies had to pass rigorous inspections. The landscaping was redesigned for water conservation and pest control, and composting areas were developed. Here drains are flushed monthly with baking soda and vinegar, linens are line-dried, and the absence of potpourri, room deodorizers, and fragrance dryer sheets makes this an attractive choice for those with environmental sensitivities and allergies. Most cleaning is done with microfiber cloths, vinegar and baking soda. Guests love the 100-percent cotton linens and robes, and choice of feather or hypo-allergenic pillows.

The Stone Lion Inn, Wellfleet, MA : To maintain a low-allergen environment, innkeeper Janet Loewenstein uses scent and dye-free detergents for laundry and washing. Unscented, all natural cleaning agents are used for day-to-day cleaning, and a low concentration bleach-water mixture (mixed at the inn to avoid dyes & perfumes) is utilized for sanitizing toilets. Guests will find down-alternative comforters and fiberfill pillows, and the beautiful wood floors mean no wall-to-wall carpeting for those with dust sensitivities.

Manchester Inn B&B, Ocean Grove, NJ : The first inn in New Jersey to install solar power, this B&B is committed to providing a superb guest experience for those who take their health seriously. Their wellness rooms feature special oxygenating and chlorine filtration shower heads, magnetic mattress pads, pillows, and comforters. Pillows are covered with Far-Infrared Technology to provide ceramic-reflective fibers, promoting an advanced sleep system technology.

Fox Hill B&B, Highland, NY  : Committed to a healthy lodging experience in the heart of the historic Hudson Valley, guest rooms are supplied with natural shampoos, soaps, and hand creams, plus an ergonomic back massager and shower puff. The fitness-oriented will enjoy the in-ground pool and fitness room with treadmill, stationary bike, health rider, glider, stepper, yoga mats, free weights, balance bar, and a wide variety of current workout tapes.

 Country Life B&B, Saratoga Springs, NY : With environmental sensitivities of their own, innkeepers Wendy and Richard Duvall have created a haven for fellow sufferers. Pillows and mattress covers are hypo-allergenic, and all cleaning and laundry is accomplished with unfragranced cleaning products. It's back to the basics here, utilizing vinegar, baking soda, and other natural commodities for a sparkling clean surface.

 Walnut Lawn B&B, Lancaster, PA : Committed to maintaining a healthy, chemical-free environment, this B&B uses no strong-scented or aerosol cleaning products or room deodorizers. Air-conditioning and HEPA filters in vacuum cleaners help maintain quality air indoors. A portable HEPA room filter is also available for guest use. Hormone-free eggs and milk from local farms are served at breakfast along with organic fruits in season.

1807 Phoebe Pember House, Charleston, SC : This B&B's resourceful, allergy-sensitive innkeeper found organic soy-based detergents and fabric softeners work beautifully on towels and linens. The dark hardwood floors are cleaned regularly with plain black tea rather than chemical cleaners, leaving not only spotless floors but a nice sheen too. Vinegar is the main cleaning staple, ideal for those with chemical sensitivities. While feather pillows are still on beds, guests can request hypo-allergenic pillows instead.

 Anise's B&B for People with Pets, Hot Springs, SD : While normally those with pet allergies might shy away from a pet-friendly B&B, this one takes extra pains to continuously sanitize and purify the air with a sophisticated ventilation system. The inn is spotlessly cleaned without the use of harsh chemicals, and synthetic down pillows a nice alternative to feathers.

 Barclay Cottage, Virginia Beach, VA : You'll find wonderfully soft hypo-allergenic mattress toppers and pillows here. Additionally, environmentally sensitive guests will appreciate the fragrance-free detergents used to clean all linens and lack of chemical softener additives. Guests are treated to non-allergenic amenities including soaps and shampoos.

Holly Inn Gardens, Bainbridge Island, WA : Ask for the allergy-free units, and you'll find bedding and toweling washed in fragrance-free detergents. Additionally, non-toxic cleaning products make the fragrance-free units an excellent choice for the allergic.

 White Pines Victorian Lodge, Sturgeon Bay, WI : Chemically-sensitive herself, innkeeper Sheri Gibbs is a firm believer in offering a healthy environment. You will find no pesticides or herbicides; all linens are natural cotton and washed with perfume and dye-free natural soap. Cleaning is done with white vinegar, baking soda, sea salt, and organic cleaners. Guest amenities are organic and natural products made locally in Door County, while facial and toilet tissue are certified recycled. Guests are discouraged from using hair sprays, perfumes, candles, other chemically laden products.

Note: Information has been supplied by members; these properties have not been visited by the editors of the Report.

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