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Awesome experience!

5 su agosto 02, 2012

Frank & staff are certainly in the business of making your dreams come true! This is not a place to spend the night it is a place to have an awesome experience. The rooms are nice and clean, the meals are great but most importantly you will get to meet some wonderful people.

Great spot, Wonderful atmosphere!

5 su aprile 02, 2012

Frank and Juliana are the kindest folks you could ever ask to meet. The climbing part of our trip was great but what made this trip stand out in a league of it's own was the kindness and hospitality of these two wonderful people and the rest of the guests I had the privilege of meeting. I felt so welcomed and comfortable, it was like being with old friends. Can't wait to go back!

Fun at Devil's Tower Lodge

4,6 su giugno 06, 2011

I have been to Devil's Tower numerous times over the past 15 years, and for at least the past 10, have stayed at Devil's Tower Lodge. The atmosphere is always warm and relaxed, the food is great, and the hospitality can't be beat. It is a particularly great choice for those who want to set their sights on climbing the Tower. Frank Sanders, owner of the Lodge is a world-class rock climber and has climbed the tower more times than any human on the planet (more than a 1000 the last time I heard). This is a physically challenging endeaver, but is perfectly within most people's ability if you are in reasonably good condition. Frank will teach you all you need to know to get you up to enjoy the incomparable view from the top. But even if you're not a climber, Devil's Tower Lodge is a super experience. You can enjoy various levels of hikes in the vicinity, scout for wildlife, collect fossils, or just hang out at the Lodge and chill, often to the mellow tunes of Frank's piano. I highly recommend this Lodge for any and all ages. It is an experience you will want to repeat again and again.

Best thing we did last summer

4,0 su marzo 25, 2011

My husband and I are professionals who climb for recreation. We stayed two nights at the lodge, climbed with Frank one afternoon, then summitted the Tower with a guide the next day. The lodge exterior appears like a local farmhouse, but inside are four beautifully finished guest rooms, all with a view of the Tower. The kitchen is open, and the living room is a place where everyone gets together to share stories of their adventures. We felt like family.

Devil's Tower B & B is a wonderful experience

4,6 su marzo 14, 2011

Frank Sanders and Co. not only provide a 1st class lodging experience in a unique environment, but the mingling of people at the B & B is priceless. Exciting and refreshing for climbers, hikers and others as well. Not your typical stuffy B & B! Keith

Awesome Trip

5 su marzo 14, 2011

Frank and staff treated my son and I so well during our stay. The atmosphere was relaxing and the view from our room was breathtaking. Definately a gem.

The most UNBELIEVABLE vacation EVER!!!

5 su marzo 10, 2011

The Devils Tower Lodge was the absolute BEST vacation I have ever been on! Not only was it a great and relaxing atmosphere, but I also climbed Devils Tower Mountain!! That climb was AMAZING and the view from the top was breathtaking. Frank and his staff are amazing. They are very friendly and are great at what they do. What did I get out of this vacation? Not only did I get to relax and unwind like every vacation, I also got to boost my self esteem by climbing a mountain! Something that I NEVER thought I would ever do. I came out of this vacation with feeling both relaxed and feeling better about myself. Thank you Frank! ~James Zavala (aka: crazytony)

Climb on!

4,4 su marzo 09, 2011

What can I say?!? This is the definitive place to stay for folks, climbers and non-climbers alike who want to visit Devils Tower. Frank and Juliana are extremely hospitable and will make you feel right at home. The rooms were beautifully furnished beyond what I could have ever expected from a climbers lodge. I can't wait to go back!!!

Nice place to be

4,0 su marzo 08, 2011

Only about 2 miles to the Devils Tower. Can not get any place closer and more convenient!

Devil Tower Lodge, repeat visits

5 su marzo 07, 2011

I have enjoyed climbing and staying at Devils Tower Lodge multiple times. I am going back this year for another week of climbing. I took my nephew with me last year, and he had a great time. I recommend the place to all my friends who are traveling in Wyoming whether they plan to climb or not. The host is quite entertaining, and you can't beat the view.


4,8 su marzo 07, 2011

I've had the pleasure of visiting Frank Sanders' Devils Tower Lodge. The lodge itself is situated in the Shadow of Devils Tower and can be enjoyed from the breakfast table or many other vantage spots within the lodge. If you're a climber, it's a great jumping off spot for Devils Tower with the additional value of Frank's tremendous climbing beta. He went the extra mile with me....checked my rack out and pulled some cams from HIS rack to supplement mine. If you're not a climber.....but have an interest, Frank will introduce you to the basics in his bouldering room and take you up the Tower if you want. I've had the pleasure of climbing with him as well. He's a great teacher. If you're not a climber...and have no interest, it's still a wonderful place to visit. Reading a book on the deck or lounging in the hot tub with Tower views can't be beat. Also, there are great trails to hike to enjoy all viewing angles. Aside from climbing, my best memory is of Frank playing the piano after breakfast BEFORE we went to play on the Tower. The kicker to all this is that the price can't be beat.

A wonderful place to stay.

5 su marzo 06, 2011

You aren't a guest in Frank's home, you are part of the family. Waking up every morning to his music you know it is going to be a good day.

Great Bead and Breakfast

5 su marzo 06, 2011

I've stayed at Devil's Tower Lodge on 4 or 5 different occasions and had a fantastic time each time. The magic of the tower is indescribably and the view is fantastic. But on to the good stuff. Frank is a fantastic host. There are various different rooms one can stay in. I personally like the Durance room as it gives a fantastic view of the tower. The food is always great, and the after desert of ice cream is always a treat - it's something I have always looked forward to at the end of the day (usually I also go rock climbing while I'm there). The hot tub is a nice touch also. Frank is also quite the tower historian - it great listening to one of the many different stories he has to tell, and his piano playing is absolutely fantastic! It's a great place, and I would highly recommend it.

Your home away from home

5 su marzo 06, 2011

Forget the hotels and motels. Devil's Tower Lodge is your home away from home! Beautiful house and very clean. Great home cooked meals and you can feel very relaxed watching TV, sharing dinner with very friendly people like yourself, or quietly enjoying sitting on the deck with the best scenic view of Devil's Tower. The Tower looms big from every window in the Lodge and is only a 3 minute ride away. If you are coming here to climb or sight-see, just keep 3 words in mind: "Devil's - Tower - Lodge. Forget everything else. I am very picky and selective about travelling and where I am sleeping. The next time I go out there, I don't need to think about deciding how to make plans. I just have to make one phone call to the Lodge and Frank or Juliana will take care of the rest. Climbing the Tower and being treated like family in Frank's house was the best experience of my life. It was my first trip there and I was highly impressed. This is definitely a do-again trip! Jack McEwan - Police Sergeant and climber from New Jersey

my home away from home

5 su marzo 02, 2011

Devils tower lodge is simply amazing, the view, the people, the atmosphere are all wonderfull. Frank is one of thoes rare people that are just extreamly nice. he seems like he would give you the shirt off of his back and makes you feel right at home. after going there for the first time 2 years ago i have made it back 2 times since and am planning a trip again this summer!

review of devil's tower lodge

5 su marzo 02, 2011

Frank Sanders' lodge is more than a lodge - it is an experience long to be remembered. Frank is a world-class rock-climber and is more than willing to take anyone (experienced or not) to the top of Devil's Tower. But, more than that, his lodge is a warm and welcoming refuge for anyone hoping to "get away from it all" for a while. Guests invariably get to know each other and share experiences, often remaining friends for a lifetime. So whether you are a climber, or just a relaxer, Devil's Tower Lodge is hard to beat.

The Folks at DTL Make Dreams Come True

4,0 su marzo 01, 2011

First thing you realize when you arrive at Devil's Tower Lodge is that you are in a special place on the planet. The surroundings are surreal and there is a magical feeling below the Tower as you approach the lodge. One inside, you realize what makes the Lodge so special is the people, then of course there is the view. The people who seem to come there are mostly there for Devils Tower, whether they are there to climb it, or just be in the presence of this sacred rock. The staff at the lodge all seem to have the same love for Devils Tower, as the guests. Most of them use their days off to climb the tower, or take advantage of the amazing hiking trails that start just yards away from the lodge. The Lodge has themed rooms, and I didn't see any others than the one I was in. I would suspect they all try to feature a view of the Tower. My room had a view of the Tower through a giant window at the edge of a beautiful garden bathtub. Another special feature of the Lodge was dinner time. Everyone gathers and sits down together and share their experiences and take the time to get to know one another. The evenings can also be special. During my time there, friends of the owner Frank stopped by and performed a concert in the living room. I was there to make my first ever rock climb of any type. Frank's amazing crew took a total newbie, trained me, and the very next day I was able to make the summit. They stress safety, and at no time was I ever in doubt that I wouldn't be able to make it to the top - based on the skill of the guides and my physical capabilities. Devils Tower Lodge is a place I would certainly return to again. It's a wonderful place, filled with amazing people and a view that is guaranteed to touch you spiritually.

Devils Tower Lodge is the Tops!

5 su febbraio 27, 2011

Devils Tower Lodge is outstanding in all categories. Just look at the view out the window! But what makes it memorable is owner and guide Frank Sanders. His goal is to make you the happiest person alive. He can give you more confidence that you ever thought possible. Devils Tower, the lodge and Frank are a triple threat. I couldn't recommend a better place for the soul.

What a wonderful place!

5 su gennaio 12, 2009

I can't imagine a nicer place to enjoy the Devil's Tower! Every room has a wonderful view, and Frank Sanders is so helpful. Whether you've come to climb or just to relax, the Lodge has it all. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who's looking for a B & B in the Devil's Tower area!

A Joy and Delight

5 su dicembre 25, 2008

We Love to travel, and have traveled, extensively, through this Country and the next. B&B's are our favorite places to stay. We have found many Fine and Friendly ones!! Devils Tower Lodge tops them all. Perhaps it is simply the Power of the Tower, however the Fine Welcome, the Fine Accommodations, the Fine Food and all of the Fine Friends that we made there certainly are all parts of a Wonderful stay. Every room in the Lodge has a dramatic view of the Devils Tower. Actually, if You want to really see and experience the Tower, this is the only place to stay !! The Lodge Keeper, Frank is a wealth of knowledge on the area and its history, and is one of the best story tellers that I've ever heard.The Lodge staff made us feel more than welcome and the meals were delicious. There were deer and wild turkey passing through the property all day and the sunset on the Tower will stay with me for the longest time. Our only regret about the Lodge and its staff is that we had to leave !!! We will return, and we will stay longer. We Truly recommend this Wonderful B&B !!

A Western B and B with Tower Views!

4,8 su novembre 30, 2008

I first visited the Lodge three years ago on a friend's recommendation and have returned yearly! Guests are treated like family and all the rooms have spectacular views of the Tower. I love the dark Wyoming skies for star gazing and the Tower is a haven for wildlife. On Thanksgiving Day I saw dozens of white tail deer, a porcupine, and a flock of wild turkeys! Last year we saw a bald eagle, prairie dogs, and the local herd of buffalo! In the evenings after a delicious dinner guests are often treated to impromptu piano concerts.

Best Experience

5 su settembre 25, 2008

Devils Tower Lodge not only is a unique & charming B&B, Frank Sanders, proprietor, offers climbing guide service at Devils Tower National Park. An experience in the heart of one of the most beautiful areas of the Western US.

Loved it!

4,8 su agosto 31, 2008

This place is truly something special. Everytime I walked though the door I felt like I was coming home. Frank is someone I will never forget and am so blessed to have met. Come expecting an adventure around every corner! The Lodge, like the Tower, is like no place on Earth.

so nice

5 su maggio 14, 2008

staying with Frank is something you will never forget, he will entertain you with tales of the tower and teach you something new. the food he serves will calm your mind and fill your belly. His living room is warm and comfy with the best view of the tower you could ever ask for. If you ever find yourself out this way it would be a shame to have to stay anywhere else.

Highly Recomended

5 su maggio 14, 2008

Outstanding!!! A very enjoyable experience with the best possible views of the tower!!!

Slice of Heaven!

5 su ottobre 11, 2007

This wonderful Bed and Breakfast is tucked away just through and then out of Devils Tower National Monument Park with an amazing view of the Tower. Frank Sanders, Proprietor, is unfailingly hospitable and gracious. His knowledge of the area, the Tower, climbing, music and life is unmatched. The site itself is peaceful and welcoming as are the rooms (4) in the Lodge. Each room is completely unique and has a view of the fascinating upthrust of rock. Wildlife roams just outside the windows and can be watched from the dinner table or the porch. There is truly no better place to spend one's vacation time! There are an abundance activities, even if one is not a rock climber and is an excellent "base" for exploring the Black Hills region. My daughter, one of her friends, my nephew and I stayed here in June. It was a magical experience. The children were able to do some climbing, horseback riding, swimming, hiking and generally enjoying themselves. Frank and his staff's ability to interact with people of any age came in handy with three teenagers whose idea of a destination did not match the place they were! We had a lot of laughter and good fun during our visit. There is no way to recommend Devils Tower Lodge highly enough!!

Serenity or Adventure - or both!

5 su settembre 23, 2007

Devils Tower Lodge is quite a unique and remarkable experience. Whether you are looking for serenity or adventure, this is the place to be. Such a warm and welcoming environment. Frank will make you feel at home from the moment you walk in the door. There is a view of Devils Tower on the patio. Frank is an accomplished pianist, avid rock climber and the local expert on the history of climbing on the tower. The rooms are beautiful and the food is terrific! This is the place to be!

Great Weekend at Devil's Tower Lodge

3,8 su settembre 21, 2007

My husband and I went away for a relaxing weekend and we found this B&B on the website. We would recommend it to others and if we get the opportunity to go back we will stay there. The owner was very trusting and open. We had a wonderful relaxing and lazy time. The view is awesome and the peacefulness is inviting. We were in the Burning Daylight room which had it's own opening to the deck with a sliding glass door which allowed you to view the outside. The bed was a little hard for our tast, but after the 1st night we were fine, but the room was great.

Unexpected Power at Devils Tower

3,6 su gennaio 29, 2007

Beautiful accomodations, a stunning view of Devils Tower, and a unique friendly staff. If you go to climb and Mother Nature cooperates, you're in for an awesome time. If you go "to get away for a bit", it's definitely a secluded escape. The owner loves to climb, and the trust he places in his guests is remarkable. While he's out on the Tower climbing, his door is open to friends & guests. It's like, his house is your house... And, what a beautiful home it is. Prepare yourself for a truly emotional release, even if that's not what you think you're going for... The power of the Tower, and the magic at the Lodge will have you internalizing and reflecting in no time. You will leave a different person than when you came!

Devils Tower Lodge

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