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Anniversary Surprise

5 su maggio 21, 2012

It was the best way to get away to a place where I didn't have to travel a long ways, We enjoyed the peace and quiet, the babbling creek, and the wonderful hospitality. Going to bed and waking up to the sound of the bird and water running is a romantic way to spend a weekend together. I will go back again!!!! Thank you so much.

Abend Haus Cottages and Audries B & B

5 su ottobre 06, 2009

Very relaxing and enjoyable experience. We are already saving up for another visit in the spring. Great medicine for stress!


5 su ottobre 01, 2009

This has changed my attitude towards B&Bs -- it is elegant, private & beautiful. Our deck was at the edge of a creek that bubbled by and was so relaxing -- the air and privacy was wonderful. We will definitely stay here again!

Great Relaxing Vacation Spot

4,4 su ottobre 01, 2009

Though my boyfriend and I were well under the age demographic typically served there we had a great time there. It was a beautiful setting in Black Hills National Park and the Rapid Creek off the deck was so peaceful. We enjoyed ending our sightseeing days by a nice dip in the hot tub and walking to a great breakfast at our own pace each morning. While a little pricey, it was definetely a great place to have some quiet time together and relax!

Birthday Present For Wife

4,6 su settembre 22, 2009

Make it a yearly thing for my wife.

Abend Haus Cottages and Audries B & B

5 su settembre 02, 2009

This was our third time staying at the bed & breakfast. This is a top rate place with a warm & cozy cottage feel -- we love it! Peaceful, fun & relaxing.

Little piece of heaven

5 su settembre 02, 2009

This awas just what the Dr ordered! complete relaxation, peace 7 tranquility. most enjoyable retreat away from it all! We will be letting friends & family know.


5 su settembre 02, 2009

Staying at Audrie's B&B is a piece of Heaven. Settings are serene, staff is courteous, friendly, we were very well taken care of! We highly recommend Audrie's B&B to anyone who needs a retreat!


5 su agosto 21, 2009

We had a wonderful stay here! Breakfast was great & our cabin was amazing! Loved having our own private hot tub! Great place for newlyweds!

Honeymoon getaway

5 su agosto 20, 2009

My husband and I had a wonderful time staying at Audrie's B&B for our honeymoon. Very private, quiet, relaxing and convenient for sightseeing.

Great place

5 su agosto 19, 2009

Beautiful spot, exceptional accommodations, private, hearty breakfast -- enough to stretch for a light dinner after traveling all day!

Romantic stay

4,0 su agosto 19, 2009

Love the setting. Thank you.

Abend Haus Cottages and Audries B & B

5 su agosto 19, 2009

This is without a doubt the nicest thing we do for ourselves.

Peace & tranquility in the hills

3,4 su agosto 19, 2009

My husband and I are retired, but still doing odd jobs and taking care of our grandchildren. We were in dire need of a quiet getaway. It was so peaceful and serene. It restored our mental health in a matter of a few hours.

Beat the Heat

4,4 su agosto 19, 2009

We're from Florida. We came here to cool off and especially to enjoy Mt. Rushmore. We havent even been to Mt. Rushmore yet and we are thoroughly enjoying it! Love the accommodations -- hard to get out with such a nice place! Thanks Audries!

Amazing Anniversary

5 su agosto 12, 2009

My husband and I really enjoyed getting away for a while. We enjoyed everything about the Moonlight cottage it was clean and organized, but laid back and relaxing as well. We really enjoyed eating breakfast on the deck and listening to the creek. The views from the deck are awesome, and the hot tub was refreshing as well. The loft was beautiful espescially when the sun was rising in the morning. Our little get away was peaceful and tranquil.

Great private get away

4,6 su luglio 07, 2009

We loved our stay. The cabin was beautiful inside, the setting along the creek was so peaceful. We wished that we would have stayed for the whole week. They provided snacks and breakfast. There is a nice restaurant very close by. We will definitely return.

Great Getaway

4,2 su luglio 06, 2009

This was our 2nd visit to Audries B&B and we enjoy this place very much. Its great to get away from the ringing phone (no phone service, cell phone service or internet access on location) and the rush of everyday life. Its wonderful to spend quiet, relaxing time with my partner. This is a very peaceful B&B, you will not see another guest nor employee, except at check-in and when they need to replenish your cabin. We had such a relaxing time here we have scheduled our anniversary here again this year. Our only complaint is the breakfast is a pre-made-warm it up in the microwave. Also the fact that you must drive a good 15-30+ minutes to find supper or lunch unless you bring something to make sandwiches or warm up in the microwave, or you want to eat at the Fireside resturant, about 2-3 minute drive down the road. My spouse and I didn't enjoy eating at the Fireside as it costed us $50.00 for 2 prime ribs, far to fancy and expense for what we were looking for. Also I have to add that if you check motel/hotel rates around the Black Hills you won't find anything better for your money, where else can you stay where there is no screaming kids or pet or neighbors and have your own full size hot tub to yourselves? But all in all we enjoy ourselves and the hot tub when we get to go to Audries.


2,2 su settembre 16, 2008

First of all, the rooms were great and clean. They also provided information on suggested trips in the area that were excellent (although when we asked for directions to a nearby place, they were wrong and we never found the place). However, this is not a B&B unless you consider places where you cook the breakfast that was delivered the day before in a microwave, no interaction with other guests, etc. to be a B & B. When we arrived, we had to pay for the complete visit in advance with no changes allowed. It was the only time we saw the owner or any other guest. We were then told there was no cell phone service in the area and no landlines in the cottages. Thus, when you had a plumbing problem, you had to get dressed, drive to the B&B office and honk your horn to get service if someone was there. Breakfast was delivered to your room the day before (except on Saturday, you were delivered breakfast for Sunday and Monday) to be cooked in the microwave. One day was frozen pre-made pancakes out of a package. Another day was omlette mix to be microwaved. Another day was poached eggs (one egg for each person), again to be cooked in a micowave. We were given bread once to make toast and had to request napkins as all that was offered was paper towels. Finally, we had to request that coffee be delivered when it ran out (the decaf coffee came in small packets like tea bags). There are a number of rules posted in the rooms. We counted eight in the bathroom with the only rule saying something we could do being TP could be flushed in the toilet. When we had friends over to our room, the staff person who let us initially into our room was visably upset as no visitors are allowed in any room, "period", even the friends that we were travelling with. Finally, we stayed seven nights and our written request for a change of linen was ignored. It was not a place we would recommend to any friend.


4,4 su luglio 31, 2008

Great place, very helpful staff we were blessed to find this.


4,4 su luglio 31, 2008

Loved it. We will definitely be repeat customers.

Weekend Getaway

4,6 su luglio 31, 2008

The stay at Audries was outstanding and met out expectations.

Very relaxing and clean

3,8 su luglio 31, 2008

Unique! Individual clabine for relaxation and privacy. A true retreat!

Beautiful Day -

5 su luglio 31, 2008

Any day, any weather, any conditions that mother nature could give, would be made beautiful an dmemorable in this place -

A Diamond in the Rough

5 su luglio 31, 2008

We never expected to find such a high quality, beautiful, and clean B&B in such a perfect setting in Rapid City. Everything about our stay was wonderful. We'll be back!

Relaxing and Amazing

4,6 su luglio 31, 2008

What an amazing place to come to , to slow down and enjoy each other and the beauty of the land and nature around you! Breathtaking!

Excellent Stay

4,8 su luglio 31, 2008

Very Good. And very good for us.


5 su luglio 31, 2008

We loved this place. Nothing more relaxing or beautiful. We were not expecting such great accomodations.


5 su luglio 31, 2008

The people that run this B&B were very kind. The accomodations were outstanding. The snacks were great and the comfort of the bed was unbelievable.


3,6 su luglio 31, 2008

Peaceful, quiet, relaxing, great together time, just what we needed.

Heaven on Earth

5 su luglio 31, 2008

What a super place to relax unwind and lose all your stress and worry's for a little while! Couldn't have been more wonderful.

Weekend getaway

5 su luglio 31, 2008

The stay was outstanding in every way.


5 su luglio 31, 2008

This is our third time staying at Audries and each time we don't think it can get any better, but it does. We will continue to stay here every year. We won't stay anywhere else.

Great Stay

5 su luglio 31, 2008

Excellent accomodations, and service , more than we expected. Highly recommended.

Second to none

5 su luglio 31, 2008

By far the best B&B, only thing more gorgeous than the cabin is the magnificant canyon and creek scenery, an a++, we'll be back.

Private and Inviting

4,0 su luglio 31, 2008

Beautiful, wonderful,cozy, private, inviting.

B & B Evaluation

2,8 su luglio 30, 2008

Room was outstanding and well kept. We enjoyed the area. But we are used to B&B's that offer prepared breakfasts and here we were on our own to prepare the food that was provided.


5 su luglio 30, 2008

This is the most breathtaking place in SD. It has everything you need to unwind and recharge! A must stay while in the Black Hills.

Excellent Accomodations

5 su luglio 30, 2008

Very Restfull and Relaxing!

Great Places to stay

5 su luglio 30, 2008

Great Great Great Great Great Great

Weekend getaway

5 su luglio 30, 2008

The stay at Audries was outstanding.

Weekend Getaway

5 su luglio 30, 2008

The stay at Audries was outstanding.

Beautiful Setting

4,0 su luglio 30, 2008

Cottage was great - the lighting was very poor - needs two more lamps. Overhead lights are too bright - no dimmers


5 su luglio 30, 2008

What an awesome place! We are so thankful for this experience.


4,8 su luglio 30, 2008

The entire weekend was amazing. The B&B made our entire trip worthwhile. We will be back again.

Weekend getaway

4,0 su luglio 30, 2008

The stay exceeded my expectations.

Awesome, again

5 su luglio 30, 2008

It doesn't seem to matter how many times we come, it's always a refreshing, quiet and blessed stay. The surroundings are beautiful and inviting.


4,8 su luglio 30, 2008

Beautiful setting in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Very peaceful. Beautiful log cabin with all amenities. Can't wait to come again. So cute.

The Best

5 su luglio 30, 2008

Every stay here is about as good as it gets. Lovely setting, beautiful rooms - impeccably kept, and superior service. It's just nevr long enough.

Relaxing Vacation

4,6 su luglio 29, 2008

Beautiful, clean and exetremely relaxing.


3,6 su luglio 28, 2008

What an enjoyable stay! Next time we will stay two nights!


4,2 su luglio 25, 2008

My stay met and exceeded my expectations, the rooms were outstanding and exceptionally clean.


4,8 su luglio 25, 2008

A babbling brook, a picture-perfect cottage nuzzled into luscious surroundings, wonderfully homey little touches. Extraordinary!


4,0 su luglio 24, 2008

Outstanding, meticulously clean accommodations located on a beauty creek. Quiet, large facility, the only complaint is the dining - pre cooked/sometimes packaged meals. Does not fit the rest of the inn.

Perfect Vacation

5 su luglio 24, 2008

We loved the beautiful surroundings to our B&B - The Black Hills, creeks, & wild life. We looked forward to each breakfast. The room was so beautiful & comfortable. The staff was so friendly & considerate. What a peaceful place to come.


4,8 su luglio 17, 2008

Beautiful, quiet & relaxing. We had an awesome time & are making plans to return. We have been telling our friends about it.

Abend Haus Cottages and Audries B & B

5 su luglio 17, 2008

A comfortable B&B. The setting was outstanding! Our cottage overlooked a babbling creek. Very tranquil & soothing.


4,6 su luglio 16, 2008

Great location. Beautiful scenery. Interesting history. Appealing to all your senses: taste, touch, smell, sound, & sight. Very, very clean and neat. Comforting. In a nutshell: It's a "Little Piece of Heaven".

Audries B&B

5 su luglio 14, 2008

We loved our stay. Great room, service & food.

Beautiful B&B

5 su luglio 08, 2008

We just completed a wonderful stay at Audrie's in South Dakota. The food was yummy and the best part was having it all in our room to eat whenever we wanted it! Of course the hot tub on the deck with beautiful mountains of trees and lilacs added to our enjoyment!

Excellent stay

4,6 su giugno 24, 2008

We stayed at Audries for our first experience for a B&B. We had heard good things about Audries and found out why. It was exceptional. We enjoyed absolutely everything. Hearing the creek out the door and the cool summer air allowed us to rest like never before. The only regret was we only could stay 1 night. We would recommend several and will next time!

4 days in paradise

5 su giugno 20, 2008

absolutely wonderful- attention to detail outstanding, setting is beautiful. best b&b we have stayed at!!

Audries B&B

4,6 su giugno 19, 2008

Loved it - most relaxed we have ever been. Gorgeous setting. Will return

the best

5 su giugno 18, 2008

the best b&b for the beauty and privacy!

absolute bliss

5 su giugno 17, 2008

the beautiful black hills are the perfect setting to make this a wonderful place for a honeymoon!you will not be dissapointed! it's great!

Hidden gem

3,8 su giugno 13, 2008

Such a beautiful location! We were visiting during the Sturgis Rally, so this was a nice, calm and quiet retreat at the end of our long day - especally the hot tub! That was one of the main reasons we stayed. It is difficult to find lodging with a hot tub and not just a whirlpool bath. Our only complaint was the excessive "rules" on the signs throughout the cottage. We thought it excessive and annoying (ones such as "do not use washclothes for makeup removal" etc..).


4,0 su giugno 06, 2008

We stayed in a lovely log cabin along a babbling creek-perfect for sleep! Very Peaceful.

terrific stay!

4,0 su giugno 05, 2008

a beautiful cabin on the creek. it is completely surrounded by woods and is incredibly quiet and remote. a beautiful place

What a memory!

4,6 su agosto 20, 2007

We recently watched video of our South Dakota vacaton from 2002. My wife reiterated that this place was the first place she ever cried over upon leaving. THAT has to tell you all right there. She is expecting another vacation to the area shortly and we WILL be booking here again.

Heaven in the Dakota's

4,4 su luglio 25, 2007

My wife and I spent 7 nights here during July 2007. This is the most underrated place to stay that we have been in. As we drove up, we were met by smiling faces and a spirited “hello and welcome”, which was reflected during the entire time of our stay. The accommodations are just as stated. The surrounding area is just as beautiful and the peace and quiet is something to be experienced. The rooms were clean, neat, and appointed correctly for the area. The brook outside the screened in porch (with hot tub) was a babbling wonder that you can wake to every morning. I can not say enough about the experience. It was like you had a little piece of the world to yourself and it was wonderful.

Abend Haus Cottages and Audries B & B

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