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A small hotel with grand pretensions a The Columbia Inn at Peralynna Manor (Columbia, Maryland)

2,8 Recensione postata il settembre 09, 2014

We've given it 3 stars (ie - met our expectations) because in general it was actually pretty much what we expected, but that's because we didn't really believe all the hype with which it surrounds itself. What it is, is a decent small hotel and a pleasant enough place to spend the night. Unfortunately it does not live up to it's somewhat more grandiose pretensions. As to those, if you consider helping yourself to tepid cheap boxed wine and tucking into the same few dips and chips that were on the table the night before, to be an elevating experience then you'll be impressed by the evening free wine & cheese on offer. Equally, if you consider that a rubbery, hard yellow mass constitutes a gourmet version of scrambled eggs and don't you don't mind waiting half an hour to eat it amongst the crumbs left by a previous guest you'll be equally happy. In summary then, our advice would be, take the Bed, which is fine and comfy. Grab a bottle of wine and some nibbles in the supermarket and have your own midnight feast in the room. Then skip the "Gourmet Breakfast", and head out and find a diner that knows how to serve a decent, honest breakfast of the non gourmet variety.

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Wonderful B&B a The Columbia Inn at Peralynna Manor (Columbia, Maryland)

4,4 Recensione postata il settembre 08, 2014

This was our 3rd stay at the Columbia Inn. As always the staff were friendly and accommodating. The beds there are the most comfortable I have ever slept in.

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Beautiful property and great people. I would definitely return. a The Columbia Inn at Peralynna Manor (Columbia, Maryland)

5 Recensione postata il settembre 04, 2014

This property in Columbia is close to the city, but feels like you are miles away. I really enjoyed the Z suite with the patio out front and the spacious room. Breakfast was great and the staff was outstanding.

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