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B & B Ranch
434 Bedbug Hill Road
Village of Fly Creek
Cooperstown, NY 13337
Telefono: +1--6075475272

Barb and Babe Giombetti


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Album Foto

The Cooperstown New York spa, hotel and horse riding center, it's a working ranch with lots of luxury details.Legendary cooking - served with no pretense - is part of every reservation. There's no food more fulfilling in Central New York state.
...and plenty of space to enjoy.Guest rooms are lavish, to put it mildly, and no one ever leaves without being glad they stayed.
And each one is unique. Fanatical attention to detail keeps them fresh and clean.Upstairs there's a library, and plenty of common space for bigger groups.
With a year round hot tub and indoor swimming pool, even after a hard day's ride, there's a lot to enjoy.In rural Fly Creek, New York, you get tons of room to explore and you're still just minutes from Cooperstown.
A hub of local equestrian activity, it's one of the best known new hotels in the Cooperstown area.The Patio for Lunch, or Just for Taking in the View.
400 acres of forested land, 8 miles of trails, 12 or so horses and over a thousand memories.There's always a friendly welcome, and coming to the Ranch is often just like coming home.
The lounge is frequently quiet, but here and there, on race days, we raise the roof a little.Some of the finest accommodation for horses.
Horse boarding and stables play host to riders from all over the area. People aren't the only ones who love life on the Ranch. It's also home to between 10 and 15 horses and a Piedmontese beef herd.
Each room is unique, and, meticulously cleaned so your first night, is just like a a dream you'll remember.The poolside lounge is a great place to relax, even in the dead of winter.
A luxury inn for guests from near and far, there's always more than meets the eye. The Master Suite: possibly the finest hotel room in Central New York state.