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Welcome Inn Manor
4563 S Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60653
Telefono: +--+1-312-493-2953

Mel & Angie

Inglese, Spagnolo

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This bed and breakfast in Chicago shows the lobby entrance which sets the pace for an organic and warm experience in a spacious home with lots of all natural light, relaxation and a lively and unforgettable stay.This bed and breakfast in Chicago possesses an open area Parlor or Family Room as a common area with oversized sofas and high back lounging chairs; including a TV plus DVD and WiFi, CD Music Player and a Wine Cooler Refridgerator for guests.
All suites in this Chicago bed and breakfast has Hand-Crafted 19th Century Antique French Bedroom Set which depicts a warm and colorful decor, with a seperate sink/toilet, shower for two and its own mini kitchenette.This bed and breakfast in Chicago has a formal dining room which is set up guest arrivals to enjoy a full fresh hot breakfast.
This Chicago bed and breakfast is well preserved with an antique staircase setting with a marble top in the entrance of the inn. This bed and breakfast in Chicago offers a different breakfast menu on a daily basis. Recipes include fresh omlettes, organic smoked turkey sausage, mild roasted peppers and seasoned wild rice are examples of over 20 signature dishes and family style recipes.
This Chicago bed and breakfast presents an electice design with over-sized chairs, high back couches, a serving bar, a chaise lounge chair, and one of many perfect places for relaxation, great conversation or allowing guests to catch up on reading.This bed and breakfast in Chicago allows guests to take advantage of the lovely ambiance and artistic setting in the dining room any time of day.  Guests may elect to  have a romantic supper in the dining room and enjoying a bottle of their favorite wine in a mini-mansion environment.
A unique antique vanity sits in the Nat King Cole Suit in this Chicago bed and breakfast; while taking a page out of the design from the 1930's to merge two modern bowls made from smoke glass; and sits in a huge 20x24' bathroom suite, alongside an oversized Jacuzzi and a fireplace.A warm fire awaits guests in this bed and breakfast in Chicago especially on cold winter days with all organize and natural morning sunlight.
An artistic rendering of the Welcome Inn Manor B and B in this Chicago bed and breakfast artistically illustrates the inn's preservation and respect for unique craftsmanship and a truly historic design- circa 1893- built by Samuel Karpen of S. Karpen Brothers Furniture Company.Enjoy a romantic and and relaxing bubble bath for two in this Chicago bed and breakfast in the Nat King Cole Suite; whichcombines two rooms into one. A jacuzzi awaits guests with built in music, soft lights and available candles awaits guests along with a fireplace. Comfy lounging chairs and an antique vanity compliments the mood so that guests can enjoy an earthy escape after a long day of work or play.
The European design in the Rosenwald Suite in this Chicago bed and breakfast expresses custom and hand-crafted bed linens. This suite is presented in warm colors and a wide mix of fabrics within an artsy style and a turn of the century ambiance.An enormous size suite- 24x20' has several comfy lounging areas, just right for reading, romance and relaxation in this Chicago bed and breakfast.  One of two fireplaces adds to the decor in this unforgettable and authentic Chicago mini-mansion- and offering a great value
On one of many cold and chilly mornings,in this Chicago bed and breakfast, guests can enjoy a hot bubble bath in their private jacuzzi bathroom for two while celebrating the day with a warm fire before breakfast and so much more...Entrance Hallway to Access Third Floor University Quarters 3 Bedroom Suite.
Third Floor University Quarters Group Suite w/Dinette Seating & Wet Bar for Family Snacks and Socializing.Lounging Area for University Quarters Private 3 Bedroom Suite-is just right for Socializing with Friends, Family and the Group; Including Huge Leather Chair, Credenza Workstation, Air Hockey Table. Includes Full Bed in this Deluxe Room
Louie's Lounge on University Level 3rd Floor Family Suite has 2 twin beds with lounging chairs in a large suite.Saul's Suite is Located on Private Third Floor University Family/Friends Suite; Plus Queen Bed and High Back Lounging Chairs
Huge 3rd Floor Shared Bath in University Quarters Private Suite for Family and Friends. Toilet, Sink and Claw Bathtub, Plus Shower.University Quarters 3rd Floor Private Suite as Socializing Area Includes Full Snack Bar, Full Refrigerator, Microwave and Wet Bar.