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Simple Pleasures Bed & Breakfast
1004 St. Rt. 62
Wilmot, OH 44689
Telefono: +1--3303595684
Cellular: +1--3304732084

Marvin Coblentz & Angela Ryan


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Album Foto

The Amish Room reflects the lifestyle of simpler times.  This room is named the "Chris and Christina Culp" room after the Inn Keeper's Great Grandparents who were Conservative Mennonites.  All furniture is Amish made and this room has a private bath with a shower, small refrigerator, microwave, satellite TV with a DVD player, dining table and coffee pot.  A view of grazing dairy cows and rolling meadows will have you feeling relaxed and refreshed.Ladies who love to shop or a family enjoying an Amish outing will love Aunt Marian and Aunt Katie's room.  Named after the Inn Keepers Great Aunts who never married and shared a room.  This room features a lovely, peaceful view, private bath with shower, dining table, large couch, refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, Satellite TV and a DVD/VCR player.
Breakfast is served! Our gathering room is open 24/7 to our guests.  A small refrigerator stocked with sodas and bottled water, a Tassimo coffee and hot beverage maker, board games, puzzles and wonderful Amish reading material will make you feel cozy and right at home.  A view of the deer and wildlife behind our home will delight you!Spring has arrived in Amish Country! The Draft horses are in the fields working, gardens are being planted and everything is in bloom!  Come visit us!
Simple Pleasures hosted an Easter Egg Hunt for our neighbor kids.  What a fun time for everyone!THE COBLENTZ COTTAGE - Enjoy this lovely little non-electric cottage located on an Amish Farm behind Simple Pleasures. This cottage features a bedroom, bath, kitchen and living room. Breakfast will be served at Simple Pleasures for guests at the cottage.
The bedroom in THE COBLENTZ COTTAGE features a double bed, Amish created furniture and a battery powered lamp.Kitchen and dining area of THE COBLENTZ COTTAGE
THE COBLENTZ COTTAGE living room with a battery powered light.One of the beautiful views from THE COBLENTZ COTTAGE.
Harvest time on our neighbors farmOur neighbors farm at Harvest time
Come meet Princess and Sam our Haflingers.  Princess is our new little 5 year old mare.  Sam is our 15 year old gelding.  They love their apple and carrot treats!