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Etta's Place - A Sundance Inn
200 West Third Street
Fort Worth, TX 76102
Telefono: +1--8172555760
Numero verde: +1--8663555760

Leslie Benson


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Album Foto

Etta's Place is located in the building known formerly as The Caravan of Dreams.  It now not only houses Etta's Place , but Reata Restaurant and the improvisational comedy troupe Four Day Weekend.  Etta's Place is situated between the restaurant's ground level and the extravagant roof-top bar.A quiet Sunday morning along 3rd Street in Sundance Square.  The entrance to Etta's Place is marked by the green awning with square gold posts just under the vertical sign.  We occupy the building above the driveway on the left, the ivory building above the copper awning and the building between the covered roof-top patio and the copper awning.
The library of Etta's Place.  Sit back, relax and look through our eclectic collection of books or pinpoint your favorite exotic getaway on the giant antique globe.  The library opens into a large gathering room with a baby grand Steinway just waiting for you to play a tune or two.  Just behind the white french doors you may want to soak up a little sunlight on the balcony patio.Suite 301, Annie's Suite, is named for Annie Rogers.  While working at Fannie Porter's she met and quickly fell in love with Harvey Logan, known as Kid Curry.  She was separated from Logan and wrote him love letters when he was arrested and in jail in Tennessee.  This suite is a 700 square foot efficiency apartment with a king size bed, sitting area, nice big bathroom with jetted tub
Room 204, Lillie's Pad is named for Lillie Davis who worked at Fannie Porter's establishment.  She saw Will Carver as her ticket to respectability and claims they were married in 1900 in Fort Worth, but no records verify it.  Less than a year later, Carver sent her home to Palestine, Texas with money and gifts.  Lillie later told all she knew about the Wild Bunch giving detectives their first real profile of the gang.  This room features a queen size iron bed and looks out onto the interior atrium courtyard.
Suite 101, Sundance's Suite, named after the Sundance Kid known as Butch Cassidy's right-hand man.  He earned his nickname "Sundance Kid" from time he spent as a teenager in the Sundance, Wyoming jail.  This suite offers a king bed, ktchenette and large bathroom with a jetted tub.
Patio Fun
Breakfast AngelsRoom 102 Kid's Corner is named after Kid Curry also known as Harvey Logan who was notably one of the meanest members of The Wild Bunch. He had a deadly reputation, a nasty temper and a contempt for the law.  He picked up women, including his common-law wife, Annie Rogers, in every town the gang visited.  He was involved in the famous robbery of the First National Bank of Winnemucca, Nevada, with Butch Cassidy, Sundance Kid and Will Carver. This room features a charming iron bed.  The bathroom is nice and large with a walk-in shower to accommodate guests with special needs.
Butch's Hideout, suite 201, is named for Butch Cassidy the folk-hero leader of the Wild Bunch.  He was intelligent, good-natured and a natural born leader.  He ran the gang as a business operation and preferred the name "Train Robbing Syndicate" over "Wild Bunch."  This is a 700 square foot efficiency apartment with a king bed, sitting area, nice big bathroom with a jetted tub205 Maude's Parlor