Tips to improve your listing

The appearance of your listing can make or break a potential reservation. It’s important to spend some time maximizing your listing so it’s attractive to travelers. We also encourage you to keep search engine optimization (SEO) best practices in mind as you create or edit your listing. Here are some of our top tips for improving your listing and maximizing your SEO:

tips to improve your listing

Make your inn’s description as unique and personalized as possible. Your SEO can be penalized by search engines for using identical content on multiple websites, so make sure you do not copy and paste a description from your website or listing on another site.

When writing your listing, include detailed information about your property, such as your B&B’s unique features. You should also describe your location and attractions near you.

Take advantage of all of your photo slots. Our surveys show that photos are extremely important to travelers in the booking process, so be sure to use all of the slots that come with your membership. Bronze members get one photo, Silver get 10, Gold get 15, and Platinum and Diamond Collection™ get 25. Ensure that they are high-quality and high-resolution; blurry, small, outdated, or poorly-lit photos are a major turn-off to potential guests. Please also note that we can only feature B&Bs with excellent, high-resolution photos in our PR and marketing. For more info, read our list of 10 photo mistakes to avoid.

Add unique captions to each of your photos so potential guests know what they are seeing. This can also help your listing’s SEO.

listing improvements

Use keywords sparingly. We already optimize property pages for terms such as “{name of city} + bed and breakfast.” Keyword stuffing is only going to hurt your property page, so please do not add many extra keywords like this to your listing.

Post a Hot Deal, which is a free feature for Silver members and higher. This gives you the opportunity to list a weekly last-minute deal, which travelers can search on our site or subscribe to via email.

Update your listing from time to time. Do you have any new seasonal photos to add? Have you added any new amenities? Did you win any awards or special recognition? Don’t forget to keep your listing updated.