Top Pet-friendly Getaways

"No dogs allowed." That's the sad rule at most hotels, which means for most vacations, the furrier members of your family get left behind. While your pet is confined to a small and strange space at a pet boarding hotel, you are relaxing under the sun with a cocktail. Fortunately for your pooch, though, there is a wide variety of pet-friendly B&Bs and inns to choose from - houses with private lake access, historic estates right in the city, mountain view lodging, and more! Traveling with your pet is a breeze as long you book a bed and breakfast in a destination with lots of outdoor activities and/or dog-friendly attractions.

Find top pet-friendly B&Bs & inns in the following cities:

Carmel, CA

This Cali hot spot is home to many dog-friendly beaches.

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Austin, TX

Texans love their pets and warmly welcome yours!

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Rome, Italy

Globetrotters: why not jet set with your pet?

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Waynesville, NC

Every dog needs some good old fresh mountain air.

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Piney Woods, TX

Forget taking your dog on a walk. Go for a scenic hike!

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Finger Lakes, NY

Dogs who love to swim will love a lakefront B&B.

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New Orleans, LA

What pet wouldn't want to eat its way through NOLA?

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Key West

Even a dog can appreciate a good ocean sunset.

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