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Blue Parrot Inn

916 Elizabeth Street , Key West, FL 33040 USA (Montrer le carte)


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Le Blue Parrot est une demeure accueillante et feutrée qui accueille tous les adultes (16 +). Construit en 1884, l'auberge reflète charme Bahamas classique avec une superposition de pain d'épice victorienne. Grandes vérandas offrent un accès extérieur aux chambres. Il est situé juste à côté de US1 (Truman Ave), et à seulement 2 pâtés de maisons des célèbres plages de St. Duval, restaurants, clubs, boutiques et galeries sont tous très facile à pied. Le réglage est isolée avec une végétation tropicale luxuriante et les plantes exotiques abondent dans nos jardins. Un petit déjeuner buffet est inclus chaque matin par notre piscine, qui est chauffé pour votre confort. Nos chambres varient en taille et décor mais toutes équipées d'air conditionné, ventilateur de plafond, téléphone, télévision par câble et salle de bain privée. La plupart ont également un réfrigérateur. Dix minutes de l'aéroport. Réservations fortement suggéré.



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  • Chambre
  • Services4,5
  • Qualité/Prix4,1
  • Propreté4,3
  • Repas sur place3,3

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Anniversary Trip

4,0 sur avril 23, 2015

Perfect location. Just a couple of blocks from Duval Street but on a much quieter street. Walking distance to the southern most point and beaches. Wonderful staff and service.

Key West Charm

4,0 sur avril 17, 2015

I recently stayed at The Blue Parrot Inn for 4 nights as a getaway from the brutal New England winter. The Inn was everything I expected and more! It's tucked away yet walking distance to everything. Upon arrival, I immediately received a scolding from a local resident who, when I pulled up and carefully parked right in front of the Inn to unload our bags and check-in, met me with a gruff attitude asking me if I knew I couldn't park there. However...Barbara to the rescue!! She popped out of the gate and greeted me with a friendly smile and insisted that she move her own car and let me park in her spot! It's Key West after all, and parking is going to be an issue, but I was quickly directed to where to find ample parking in front of the Catholic church right around the corner. Anyway, the rooms are very clean and the epitome of Key West charm. The staff are all very warm and accommodating. Loved the heated pool and just hanging out around it in the evening after a long day of walking and sight-seeing. It's a little cranny of tropical paradise. Barbara and the other front desk staff are full of recommendations on restaurants, what to see and do etc. I cannot say enough about their helpfulness and just genuine caring that all of your questions are answered and needs are meet. I will certainly return in the future should I ever get a chance to escape again!

2 couples on a road trip to key west

4,2 sur avril 16, 2015

Blue Parrot was the perfect place to stay, very comfortable bedroom and bathroom, we were with another couple and had rooms in the little cottage in the back, we stepped right out to the lovely pool which was lovely in the afternoon. Very convenient to walk to Duvall st. Nice breakfast of bagels, fruit, yoghurt and coffee. The most reasonable price in the historic district, it was the second time we have stayed there.

Perfect Key West Getaway

4,6 sur avril 16, 2015

Absolutely what I was looking for when picking a place. Based on the website photos, I was actually overly impressed with the size and layout. The bathroom shower was a little small if you are looking for quality spa time, but was fine for us. Very nice ambiance and staff were beyond helpful and friendly. Away from bars, but walking distance to everything. Highly recommend

Romantic stay

4,2 sur avril 13, 2015

If you can't find a parking spot, just wait for an hour and look again to find yourself in a complete different situation, the crowds just disappear after 4pm. Otherwise ask at the front desk and they'll be pleased to help you. The rooms are very compact but romantic in its interior and so is the pool and breakfast site at the pool in the middle of palm trees especially after the rain in the morning. The breakfast itself was just right. We’d be glad to come back during a less pricy season.

Quaint B&B

3,2 sur avril 09, 2015

Staff were very nice and helpful. The room was very small for the cost. The pool and outdoor area was beautiful. Thanks!

Blue Parrot Inn

4,8 sur avril 06, 2015

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Clean and Budget Friendly

4,2 sur avril 02, 2015

We stayed only one night, but found the room clean and the service was impeccable! Although small, the room and bathroom suited our needs perfectly and Barbie in the office was wonderful! Breakfast was far from the gourmet found in luxury B&Bs, but was adequate and exactly what was expected for the decent rate. Will definitely stay again!

Excellent, reasonably priced place to stay in Key West!

4,6 sur mars 28, 2015

I was already about to book an Air B&B place in Cudjoe and Summerland Keys until I found about Blue Parrot Inn and its sister inns through an innkeeper. The available room was called Florida with a queen size bed and a private but detached bathroom meaning we were only the ones who used it and it is a few steps outside our room. It was within our budget of $200-250 and considering that Key West has expensive hotels, it was already a steal! We were so happy to get it inside of the places in Cudjoe Key (30 mins away fro key West) as the next day we needed to be at the pier early before 7am for our Dry Tortugas tour. During checkin we were welcomed by the extra nice and sweet Barbie and briefed on the inn and the neighborhood as well especially the parking. We wrongly parked our car at a residential parking during check-in and thank God we came back with the car not towed yet. We immediately transferred it to a free parking area about two blocks away from the inn. The inn has only 4 (or 5?) parking slots on its front and they were all taken. The inn is just a short walk away from all the major tourist sites in Key West! Anyway back to the hotel itself, we really liked the place. The room was very cozy although quite small. It was very clean and so was the bathroom. There was a fridge, air-con, table and rack with hangers inside the room. There was a heated pool and we enjoyed dipping in it even before midnight as it is open 24x7. You just have to be quiet after 1030pm as a sign of respect for other guests. Overall, we had a very homey experience in the Blue Parrot Inn. I would recommend this to my friends and I would love to stay here in my next visit to Key West! We truly love the place!

pleasant stay but too short.

3,8 sur mars 25, 2015

room nice and clean with fresh towels daily, breakfast continental but delightful. would stay there again. thanks. staff friendly and responsive.

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Chambres & Prix

#1 Seaside

# 1 has one king bed, it is in our cottage in the back garden. Private bath has tub with shower.

  • Capacité max.

#2A Key West

# 2A has one king bed, it is in our cottage in the back garden. Private bath has a tub with shower.

  • Capacité max.

#2B Sunset

# 2B is a small room in our pool cottage, it has one double bed. Private bath has a tub w/ shower.

  • Capacité max.

#3 Garden

#3 is a second floor room with one queen bed and small fridge. Private bathroom has a shower.

  • Capacité max.

#4 Florida

# 4 is a second floor room with one queen bed and small fridge. Private bathroom is detached.

  • Capacité max.

#5 Palm Tree

# 5 is a room with two queen beds and mini-fridge on the second floor. Private bathroom is detached.

  • Capacité max.

#6 Caribbean

#6 is a small second floor room with one double bed. The private bathroom has a shower.

  • Capacité max.

#7 Sunflower

#7 is a small second floor room with one double bed. Spacious private bath has a shower.

  • Capacité max.

#9 Tropical

#9 is a ground floor room with two queen beds. Private bath has large shower. #5 is a Second Floor Room with a Detached Private Bath.

  • Capacité max.

#8A Maloney

#8A is a large room with a king bed, sitting area and fridge. Private bath has a tub with a shower.Separate Living Room

  • Capacité max.

#8B Bamboo

#8B is a small ground floor room with one double bed. The private bathroom has a shower.

  • Capacité max.

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Key West, FL (EYW)

Attractions touristiques

Antiquaires , Aquarium , Galeries d'art, Plage, Lieu de concert, Dîner gastronomique, Sites historiques, Concerts, Cinéma , Musée, Parcs nationaux/régionaux, Discothèques / Bars, Océan, Théâtre, Zone de pic-nic, Services religieux

Descriptif du B&B

Type de propriété

Historic Inn

Equipements du B&B

Réveil, Sèche-cheveux, Piscine, Transport en commun à proximité, Wi-Fi

Equipements du chambre

Climatisation, Ventilateurs de plafond, Planche à repasser, TV

Activités sur place

Location de vélos, Natation

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  • Arrivée:: 14:00
  • Départ:: 11 heures
  • Ouvert toute l'année: Oui
  • Fumeurs admis: A l'extérieur uniquement
  • Consommation d'alcool autorisée : Oui
  • L'alcool est fourni Non
  • Convient aux enfants: Non 16 ans et plus
  • Garderie: Non
  • Animaux admis: Non
  • Accès pour handicapés Non

Conditions Générales

  • Durée minimum: Les jours fériés et événements spéciaux
  • Arrhes/acompte requis: 1 nuit + taxes
  • Conditions d'annulation: Remboursement moins 30,00 $ - avant les 14 jours de l'arrivée. Dans les 14 jours de l'arrivée - dépôt confisqué. % Dépôt de garantie de 50 pour des vacances et des événements spéciaux avec une politique d'annulation de 30 jours.


Noms du propriétaires

Barby and DeVonna

Langues parlées


Animaux de compagnie


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Continental Plus

  • Heure du service: 08h30-10: 30am
  • Lieu du service: piscine


916 Elizabeth Street , Key West, FL 33040 USA (Show map)

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