1842 Inn Mint Julep

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  • Handful Fresh Mint
  • Southern Comfort or Bourbon of choice
  • Amber Bacardi Run
  • Sugar

  1. Boil mint until water turns green. Strain the mint in a glass pitcher. Add one cup of sugar for each quart of water while hot to create a mint syrup. Mint syrup can be kept refrigerated for three days. Fill Mint Julep cup with ice, add one ounce of Bourbon and one half-ounce of Rum. Stir in your mint syrup until cup is filled. Add two drops of bitters and garnish with lemon and fresh mint.

1842 Inn


  • Prix par nuit $189 - $230
  • Avis (208) 4,5
  • Chambres 19
  • Accepte les cartes cadeaux


  • Téléphone 1-4787411842
  • Fax 1-4787411842
  • Appel gratuit (depuis les USA) 1-8003361842