Accept Gift Cards

Welcome the Getaway Gift Card®, and you'll welcome many new guests, too!

Reach millions of potential guests absolutely risk-free! All you have to do is welcome gift cards.


    Joining the program is free, and we handle all fulfillment, marketing, and credit card costs. We keep 20% of the face value of the redeemed card, and you keep the remaining 80%, plus 100% of any amount spent above the card's value.

    Additionally, a rebate up to 5% will be sent to innkeepers after the end of every calendar year.

    An innkeeper testimonial: "Guests who redeem certificates usually spend more than their face value, so the actual commission winds up under 15%. Some returning guests first found us because of gift cards."
    (Marjorie Ott, Olallieberry Inn, Cambria, CA)

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    Why accept gift cards?

    • Getting paid is easy: Redeem the cards in your Home Base, and the money is deposited into your bank account electronically within four business days (six for Canada). No invoicing, no mailing, no waiting for checks.
    • You are featured on Participating properties are featured in the gift card search and have identifying icons on their listing, making it easy for the tens of thousands of recipients to find you. Click here to see how consumers find participating properties.
    • Innkeepers love them: More than 4,000 properties across the United States and Canada already welcome gift cards.
    • Consumers love them: gift cards are the perfect gift for holidays, birthdays, Valentine's Day, weddings, and other special occasions! They never expire and have no blackout dates or fees. It’s free to customize them with any photo.Click here to read thousands of unedited comments of recent purchasers.

    Ready to get started? Log in to your Home Base on and click Accept Gift Cards. Read the Terms & Conditions, then check the box and click Submit. Gift card participation instructions will then be emailed to you. Not yet a member? Click here.

    Sign up to Accept Gift Cards

    Here's how it works: 

    1. When someone makes a reservation at your property using a gift card, simply log in to your Home Base to redeem it.
    2. will then automatically deposit 80% of the redeemed amount into your bank account via Direct Deposit, officially known as Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), within four business days for U.S. properties, and within six business days for Canadian properties. U.S properties who do not wish to use EFT can be sent a check for a $10 processing fee. 

    Questions? Read our FAQ or contact us via email through here or give us a call at 800-GO-B-AND-B (844-271-6829).