Home Made Maple Syrup

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  • 40 gallons Clear sap from sugar maple trees
  • Time and Patience

  1. GATHER NECESSARY EQUIPMENT 1. Taps 2. Buckets with hangar handles 3. Large pot(s) to boil sap 4. A source of heat such as a high powered gas burner, or make your own wood stove.
  2. TAP TREES-HANG BUCKETS-COLLECT SAP For the continued health of a tree it needs to be 31 1/2" in circumference measured at 41" high to support one tap. A tree of 56" in circumference will support up to 3 taps. Use the sun facing side for maximum flow. Collect sap as buckets fill, using cheese cloth to filter out the bugs and bark. Keep sap as cold as possible while storing before boiling.
  3. Heat and boil, heat and boil, maintaining watch as sap turns to syrup in the boiling off process. Syrup is ready when the top forms frothy bubbles. Come to the Captain's place in Southington to taste the product!

Captain Josiah Cowles Place


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