Gift Card Reseller Program FAQ

What's in it for me?
You make 20% on every sale. The rack takes up only a few inches on your shelf or table, yet can generate substantial income at no cost to you.

Why should I sell The Getaway Gift Card™ from
Your guests will love being able to conveniently give the gift of a B&B getaway to their friends and relatives, and you will love the easy, risk-free way to generate extra income! They're a perfect addition to your own gift certificates, or as a stand-alone gift card product.

What if I sell my own gift certificates?
Continue to do so, but offer The Getaway Gift Card™ as an alternative to guests who need a gift for someone in another part of the United States. They'll appreciate the recommendation of a nationally known name that they can trust, and you make an easy 20% on every sale, with no risk.

How do I get started?
Log in to your Home Base and under “Cards/Certificates,” select “Sell gift cards.” You can also fill out our web form or call 800-GO-B-AND-B. We'll ship you a starter kit absolutely free with everything you need to start selling the cards to your guests. Please note that you must accept our gift cards if you want to sell them.

Can I use custom cards?
Yes, we can put your inn’s photo and name on the gift cards if you wish! To order the custom kit, please upload the photo you would like to use to your photo album. You can fill out our web form or 800-GO-B-AND-B (844-271-6829) to let us know it’s been uploaded, and we’ll take care of the rest! Allow 4-6 weeks for production and delivery. The initial set of 25 cards is $50, and subsequent custom cards are free.

The photo must be:

  • Horizontal
  • High resolution; 1000 x 500 pixels is the minimum. Advanced users who prefer to manually optimize the photo should trim it to 1659 x 807 pixels.

Example of custom gift card

How do I sell them?
You have two options:

  • You can collect the commission immediately, accepting the guest payment at your inn and processing the transaction with your billing information on file.
  • You can process the transaction on our website with the customer's credit card and receive your sales commission via Direct Deposit into your bank account within four business days.

What is the dollar amount, and do I charge tax?
The Getaway Gift Card® has no set value and can be sold for any amount the user chooses, from $25 to $1,000. No tax is charged on gift card purchases. Taxes occur when the recipients redeem them on a future stay.

Is there anything else I need to do to sell them?
Before you give the card to the purchaser, you will log in to your Home Base on, click the Sell gift cards link, and enter the order number and amount of the sale. The cards have no value until you've activated them in the system, and for security reasons, they cannot be used until seven days after purchase. Remember, whether you process the sale and collect the funds from the customer, or you let us handle the credit card processing with the customer's card, you must log into the Sell gift cards page to activate the gift card and print a receipt for the customer.

What about a receipt?
Once you've activated the card for a specific amount, the system will generate receipts for you and for the purchaser. You must give a receipt to the purchaser along with the card. Because the card doesn't have a specific amount printed on it, the receipt is the consumer's proof of purchase.

Does The Getaway Gift Card® expire?
No, our gift cards never expire.

What if the cards are stolen from my property before I have sold/activated them?
The Getaway Gift Card® has no value until activated in the system, and you have NO liability for lost or stolen cards. Nevertheless, if something happens to your cards, please fill out our web form or call 1-844-271-6829 so that we can remove those numbers from our system.

What if a guest loses a card after it's been purchased?
If a guest notifies you that the card he/she purchased has been lost or stolen, ask them to contact us at 800-GO-B-AND-B or fill out our web form, and we will do our best to assist them.

What happens if I run out of cards?
When you have sold 15 of your 25 cards, we will automatically send you 25 more cards. You are always welcome to contact us prior to that for a larger supply.

Can I charge a service fee?
No. The cards can be sold only for the amount credited to the card at time of purchase, as noted in our Terms & Conditions.

Can I advertise these cards on my website?
Yes, but we recommend signing up for our Affiliate Program, which will earn you the same commission without having to do any work at all.

My property is not the United States. Can I participate?
If your property is in Canada, you can now accept and sell gift cards. Unfortunately, international cannot participate at this time.

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