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We want to help you sell those rooms for next to nothing: make your property the exclusive "Featured Property" on for as little as a penny per page view!

Featured Property Auctions are an easy and affordable way for you to fill more rooms by featuring your property on your city page, the page of a nearby city, your regional and/or state page—it’s your choice! Inngoers can click through directly to your own web site or to your listing on—it's your choice. A personalized marketing message below your ad makes your photo even more appealing to potential guests.

Which inns benefit from Featured Properties?

  • Geographically challenged B&Bs
    Your B&B may be in an undiscovered area; run a Featured Property ad in the better-known town or region.
  • Financially challenged B&Bs
    Boost your visibility without breaking the bank.
  • Seasonally challenged B&Bs
    Drive additional traffic to your site or listing only when you need the business.
  • Customer-challenged B&Bs
    Pop your ad into place only when you want to fill a last-minute cancellation, then pull it as soon as you’ve booked the room.

How can I start?
Start promoting your property with a Featured Property ad by logging in with your property ID and password. Once logged in, simply click on "Featured Property Auctions". Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions. If you prefer, sign up for AutoBilling, and we will automatically replenish your account (in the amount specified) when your balance is low.

Once you have completed these steps, just follow the easy-to-read links to access areas where you can deposit funds, view and/or edit bids, view statistics on past bids, and view all the available cities, states, and regions.

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