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Casa de las Flores
Santos Degollado 175
45500 Guadalajara, JA
Phone: +52 () 3 33 6593186

Stanley Singleton & Jose L Gtz

some french, English, Spanish

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Photo Album

In mexico private life is very private and public life is very public . for a visitor you will likely never see what awaits hidden behind old adobe walls . Exept at casa de las flores your invitation is waiting to enter the delightful suprises of Mexico let us help you open the door to the color and culture of Mexico  . Casa de las flores is the key to a delightful visit  Casa de las flores is in one of the oldest folk art barrios in the village . It seems that local artists that are keeping artistic traditions alive are also keeping alive other traditions . the little shrine just below casa de las flores is the center for many major and minor neighborhood events and celebrations . come enjoy comfort and a bit of authentic mexico
Enjoy all of the wonderful destinations that our area is famous for but when you return to casa de las flores you will feel hundreds of miles away from the colorful busy streets of the city out side and surrounding casa de las flores is the wonderful color and bustle of Mexico you will not see the gardens that are hidden behind the simple adobe wall at the front of the restored adobe  old house . Mexican architecture is full of suprises and Casa de las flores is just one of the lovely suprises that you will find waiting for you on your visit.
your rooms have been designed by an award winning local architect . elegantly clean and colorful ,  you will find them just as enjoyable to sleep in as you will to wake up in . with sky lights , hand painted tile , espeacially designed beds , all cotton linens and filled with contemporary art and local folk art .just open your curtains to a lovely garden view . You may find it hard to leave casa de las flores , and if you would prefer to enjoy a good book and relax in the garden that would be a wonderful option .
In the ancient language of Persian, paradise translates to mean walled garden we await your arrival with our small pit of paradise to help you enjoy even more of the charm that is Mexico One of the best kept secrest of our area are the cool summer nights . It almost never rains before 6 p.m. and the rains stop by 6a.m. leaving the days sunny and ito the 70¨s but it is not uncommon to enjoy sitting around the evening fire on a fresh august night . so come enjoy our year round exceptional weather of eternal spring
day or night the gardens of Casa de las Flores are a joy to relax in . you will forget the city on your walk through the gardesn  to and from your rooms . This is the view as you head for one of the private terraces and our garden bar waiting for your enjoyment