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La Querencia DF
Circualar de Morelia 6
Roma Norte
06700 Cuauhtemoc,
Phone: +--+525555311065

Pico y Miguel

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Photo Album

Photo Album

The encarved stone porch of this house character speaks.The living area, just perfect for an evening coffee or tea.
The colonial style of the house is representative of the neigborhood.The roof garden facing the park across the street Gives you a complete different perspective of the place. You wont beleive you are in the city.
The roof garden is the home of 20 diferent types of succulent plants. Also decorated with red volcanic stoneWide view from the terrace and roof garden.
This flower is so exquisite! It blooms year eleven and it only last for one night. This is why it is so rare and valuable. This fact actually Gives this succulent plant its name: Beauty of the nightThe livingroom is a cossy place to have the evening of coffee while you read a book you.
The view from the balcony. You can enjoy the park across the street.
foggy day at the park!
This is truely different, the wallpaper on the back is made out of newspaper, showing the exact social and political Moment When it was made. It Also has badroom The most crazy, you'll see next!
The green room.
Deluxe room with King-size bed and a balcony to the park across the street
Deluxe room with King-size bed, with a beautiful view of the park across the street.All rooms have private bathroom inside the room. In this case where assembled tiles one by one to Make This colorfull patern.