Victorian Gold B&B $595,000

Eight full en-suite rooms, magnificently furnished with each room unique unto itself. The theme is Grand Victorian throughout. Three story Victorian home with tower, frame construction with dramatic lobby and antique bar. 50 year roof installed in 2008. New heating/air-conditioning system. Each floor is a separate zone for energy efficiency. Two new water heaters installed in 2007. Numerous capital improvements made over the past five years. Owners retiring after owning and running the B&B for more than seven years.


  • Built in 1910
  • 40 years as B&B
  • Last renovation in 2012
  • 8 Guest Rooms
  • 8 Guest Bathrooms
  • Lot size: 9000 acres
  • 9 Parking Spots
  • Has owner's quarters
  • $595,000
  • 29% annual. occ. rate
  • $121.00 avg daily rate
  • $94,239 gross revenue
  • $94,239 room revenue

Listing Agent

JULIAN BILLS, Hotel Brokerage
MONTEREY, CA 93940-4946

Phone: 8312124526


10382 Willow Jamestown, CA 95327

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