Quill and Quilt Bed & Breakfast $399,000

The Quill and Quilt is located well under an hour from nearly all of The Minneapolis – St. Paul Metro Area; just one block from Minnesota’s busiest winery, and directly on the busiest (non-metro) bicycling trail – in short, this location is outstanding! Further, all five rooms are easily rented – the home is historic and beautiful, where each guest room/suite has a private modern bathroom, king or queen bed, shower, double whirlpool, and fireplace. As a result, revenue here is strong – which is not just wording… The banks feel this business and property value are enough to support a standard commercial loan, one based on the listing price.

This address has been The Quill and Quilt for many years with many happy customers. The house itself was a lovely historic doctor’s home; and has been updated well with safety, electrical, plumbing, appliances and many more aspects to insure positive customer experience and top efficiency as a bed & breakfast. It also has very separate and ample owner’s living space, plus common areas which can be reclaimed as owner space if needed. It is for sale as the owners of this business have lived their dream, and are ready to let the next chapter of history be written in Cannon Falls. This is a perfect, low risk opportunity that is truly realistic for the right owners to succeed, personalize and improve The Quill and Quilt. If interested, please do not contact the business line. Call Matt (one of the owners) at 612-242-5979.


  • Built in 1897
  • 24 years as B&B
  • Last renovation in 2011
  • For Sale By Owner
  • 5 Guest Rooms
  • 5 Guest Bathrooms
  • Lot size: 0.50 acres
  • 5 Parking Spots
  • Has owner's quarters
  • $399,000
  • For Sale By Owner

Listing Agent

Matt Gillen
615 Hoffman Street West
Cannon Falls, AL 55009

Phone: +1-612-242-5979
email: mattyogill@yahoo.com


615 Hoffman Street West Cannon Falls, MN 55009

Photos (click to enlarge)

1897 Colonial Revival Architecture. 250-300 year old oak trees. Flowering perennial plants in gardens May-Oct evenly across property.
Official starting point of Cannon Valley Bicycle Trail. Quill & Quilt is just across the bridge in the back ground over the FALLS. Trail leads that way. Redesigned double shower of new bathroom on 3rd floor. Large double-Jacuzzi built into gable faces French doors into bedroom with beautiful king bed that was hand carved out of walnut.
Gardens and flowering plants around the property bloom from May-Oct. It is quite pretty, although a good gardener could do a lot more with this property, a real opportunity. Redone gas fireplace in one guest room, which is on low. Pictured here is an original Stickley Colonial, and the lamps are replica early 20th Century orchid lamps.

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